Bound To Black...REFORGED!


Trophy435, It Disbanded because of YOU!!!



This one is also perfect lol.


I will only join when we have all the og’s

(And by that I mean ElectricElectics, that one guy who joined, got 132 wins in one week, and then never logged on again)

Anyone remember that guy


no u join now or else


I need to get to rank 7 first

Funny how I was rank 6 in march but now I am rank 9- everyone has improved.


6 of my main weapons were nerfed at the same time and resistance is retarded


I haven’t improved, I have gone down a little…and I remember ElectricElectrics


I remember that guy, but were they on forums?


I don’t think so


No… they just showed up about a week after the update with season rewards for clans came out

Even though they never went offline, we didn’t kick them for 3 months or so because of the 123 wins lol


I vaguely remember him


I vaguely remember him


I do not remember him


Are you mocking me boi


I am mocking you two



Oh wait, I thought this was a PM.
Can I join?


yea :smiley:


How do you put that phrase there?


You’re not gonna quit before the ship sinks right? AGAIN.


True, now i’m rank 5, cheers :raised_hands: