Bound To Black...REFORGED!


Good to see the old gang back together


i will keep this clan in mind is i even happen to leave Ghost Division
And i still owe u alot XD


@L4K3 where do i join?


Clan search in game lol, bound to black reforged


CONGRATZ my friend @L4K3


I anticipated this and that’s why I specified.


Thank you!


I would have really been with you but I am extremely sorry I am in lead now.


Don’t be!
Be proud of your clan!


I’ll bookmark this topic for future references.


Well, Shit, I want to join but I’m queued in another clan that Traf’s leading, Plus I’m the manager there so I can’t join this one, Sad, Though good luck!


nice bro
wb BTB we missed u :smiley:
sry i won’t be able to join
but i wish u the best :slight_smile:


Thank you,man!


I want to join too, is clan available now?


I can fight and get some tickets, its just that i find it a bit boring, really :joy:


Honestly,me too.
I don’t really give it too much importance.







Soo what place is your clan right now @L4K3?