Bound To Black...REFORGED!


I just realised that i’m still not avilable to join BTB lmao…you probably kno why…

Because i was an azz back then



What clan are you in?


I am sad to say that I will not be joining at this very moment. I will at some point in the future but for now, I am happy with where I am.

But @yeet (who is muted on forums) would like to join!


Alredy talked to him at disscord to remind him that BTB is back.
He was excited lmao.


Bye bye Lone Fox…
It was a great time :smiley_cat: :tombestone:

Now, let’s go to BTB !

…Oh wait, I’m still rank 10 right now…Damn, it’s PM time :joy_cat:


@L4K3 can you limit it to only forumers can join? (Kick random people joining)

This is so we have more space for our forum friends and we don’t need some random toxic people on our property that we don’t know. Unless if the said random player is very good and makes a forum account, we don’t need randomers.


Coming from a person with toxic sodium levels lol


Shut up at least I’m not you

P.S. I’m not rank 7 as of now, so @L4K3 can you invite me?


Of course.


I’m in chat right now


Oh,it looks like we have a small problem already…
Very well.Wait for the other to join and we’re going to make a vote,how does this sound?


What problem?


Nothing :stuck_out_tongue:
Wait for the vote.


Chicken is old member


I know.
Give me a minute.


It’s been fixed.
Doesn’t matter anymore.


Good luck with btb lake! Hope it’s gonna go good and soon i’ll be able to see you in clans leaderboard :slight_smile:


Thank you!
We’re looking forward to :slight_smile:


@L4K3 is it obrigatory to do titans mission? I’m rank 5 but don’t like much of titan’s missions…


i want in asdfghjkl!,!!!

well ill join when the arena season ends