Bound To Black...REFORGED!


It’s finally time to launch this clan for the second time!I know many of you have been waiting for this (I made sure of that myself,as I have never specified when BTB’s going to be reborn from the ashes).

The rules are simple:

  • There is no rank restriction (even though,the higher,the better).I only care about the members being happy in an active and friendly clan.

  • This is a clan especially for forum members,so forumers are prioritized over non-forumers/new recruits in here.Like this,we can be tied up in game just as we’re tied up in here :slight_smile: With that being said,I’d like everyone to respect each other.Keep in mind that we have a private channel (we are on our 4th one;all our channels combined have over 16k replies so,if you like history,I can add you to those old ones as an extra).

  • Be active if your time affords it (if you want to take days off or have any other reason that you’ll be inactive for a period of time,that’s fine;tell us,we don’t bite).

  • How many wins a day?Some might not have the time to do all of the daily battles and that’s fine.Contribute as much as you can,at least 10-15 a week (even though I know everyone’s going to do more in order to support the clan,thus support each other;like this,we all win).

  • Do you have a problem with the titan?You don’t like its face or maybe you can’t properly fight it (because of your items/mech elements)?Then fear not,I do not care about the titan.I won’t get mad if you fight and complete it,but I won’t get mad if you don’t do it,either.

  • You should have a decent behavior.You can swear and curse,but everything has a limit.

  • Be earnest and serious.Don’t swap clans every couple days and keep your word when you say something.

  • Play fairly.Bugs,cheats or exploits are not allowed.If you find a bug or something and you want to share,then alright,but report it afterwards.Use a cheat and you’re out.

General description of the clan:

We are bound to black,as in bound to max our items and roll them in the arena :smiley:
Of course,I think it’s needless to say that you may paint your mechs however you desire.

This is NOT a clan aiming for top positions.If you wish to join,you’ll do so for the small community in here and for the support we provide.We work as a team so that it’s good for everyone!

We joke,we chat,we discuss,we come up with ideas and implement changes,we give and follow advice,we complain…We do all kinds of stuff :slight_smile:

This thread will act as a lobby,while we’ll discuss and settle our matters in the private channel (unless we have to make a public announcement or something like that).

We act as a democracy,unlike the other clans that are absolute monarchies.If there’s a little decision to make,I’ll act on my own but,for more important decisions,everything will be settled through an anonymous vote.

I will be very selective with the new (or old) members so that some problems that occurred in BTB’s past don’t happen again.

With that being said…The clan is now open to rank 7’s and above.If you are of a lower rank,message me and I will personally send you an invite.


I quit the game so don’t worry about me :upside_down_face:

BUTT, its great to see the clan active again.

Besides. I think you’ll get people to join.
I just hope I can see it happen that is.


Ha, I new it



I wanna join!!


The clan is open now.
If you have any issues,message me and we’ll fix it.

Also,welcome back,old friend!


Good to be back in the best clan


Meh…Not the best but the best I could do :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you!


Finally! I’m making pancakes with chocolate for celebration! But I’m rank 12 :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
Guess I’ll PM Lake :D


So what if you’re rank 12?


Oh my… can i join?)




I also want to join :smiley:


I would join right away, yet I’m in a good clan right now. I’ll book mark this thread for future references.


Old BTB members have their seats bookmarked as VIP’s.
You can join right away.


Nice to hear that you got your clan reforged.
Hope you have fun as an leader of BTB again fam :))


I dont think I qualify for the clan but I would like to give it a try


Awesome! I’ll save a pancake for you :D


Sign me up :b:


Are you salty enough?


Salt levels extra high today