Bound To Black Lounge


Nope.They are regular,75-tokens premium boxes.
It’s just that it seems a fair amount of people got goldies outta 'em…Someone even got an Ash Creator!


So you can’t get legendaries out of mix boxes


Only from the mix boxes that you get from item portals.


oh right


It was a fortune box


but I heard you can from the Free 2 Boxes in the shop ^^


One guy in multiplayer told me he got a mythical from a mix box…


It is impossible to get mythical from boxes with the new update.


I actualy think he poped a fortune box of 2 items, with one legendary.I havent seen mix boxes droping anything higher then epic.
@L4K3 good job on the organisation and clan. Proud of you bro.


Thank you so much!
Actually,I don’t really know how to reply…But be sure I really appreciate the nice gesture.
I wanted to build something here and I couldn’t have without everyone’s help :’)
This is amazing.


You really did make an active clan, and in less than a week.


Three spots left in the clan!

  • Now It’s set to invite-only,so we avoid getting more inactive strangers inside,only for me to have to take them out later (plus I don’t really like kicking people,but in this case we didn’t know them nor they showed any sign of life :stuck_out_tongue:)

So,if other fellow forum member wants to join,please let a message around here and we’ll grant you a spot in our team!

Looking forward.



I just took a minute to create it and make this thread.


if its on the internet it must be true



I’m steadying between rank 11-10 now. Big improvement over rank 13-12.




@L4K3 You gotta get some more players in our clan bro… we’re dropping fast


Should I look for some people in the global chat until maybe some more forum mates would wanna join?


I check to try and join every time I can get on - eventually it will happen, I hope at least.


Are you on right now?
I’m right there.