Bound To Black Lounge


We’ll discuss the next one later to make it as convenient for everyone as possible.
No worries,we’ll find a solution :wink:


Hopefully we will get the box. It seemed that many people got a legendary, more than usual, so maybe its a higher chance of legendary premium box


How many wins(and i assume its a last reward clan can get every season) clan needs to achieve it?


2,000 wins for that box


We need more w’s


Oh hey, I got third! Yeah, that’s about it.

P.S. From all those wins I got to rank 10 with 4 stars! What’s in the new box? Is it just trash as always, or is it actually good? This is my first time (in a while) being rank 10+.


Just 3 epics… dunno if that is considered good.


I got a windforge yesterday in the rank 10 box…^^ (with 2 epics)

but 3 epics usually ^^


btw, @L4K3, do you think this topic should be in Clan recruitment or General discussion category ?

Just asking, since we’re full and using it more as clan chat ^^

And I just saw you post in the clan chat @Chicken_Drink, I find your builds pretty good, but the only thing that bother me is that you have an electric drone on a boiler build ^^ Send your Face Hugger (oups, I meant Face Shocker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) on your third build, and replave it on your second one with a Clash (flying skull)/Nemo (heat capacity reducer)/Murmur (cooling blocker) ^^


Clan recruitment
If it was in general discussion it would clog up the general discussions page


The thing is, I have no heat drones (or any other drones for that matter) so I have to stick with the energy ones.


Is it possible to kick people if you are the leader of the clan?
If so, I suggest you kick N A N I. I know him at school and he has stopped playing the game so I think we should make room for another person who is active.


This clan will be top 1 in future:) I’ll wait for it.


I love then i wake up do ramboy once and see this in the first box


Oh man you are lucky to get a legendary


I can bring in any other category you see fit :slight_smile:
If you think this should be in General Discussion,we’ll talk it over and maybe leave it there.


Actually no,we’ll leave it here.
Remember what Elcent told us yesterday?
That,if this thread’s notification bother anyone,they can just mute this category.
I don’t think it would be convenient muting General Discussions tho…So we’ll leave it as it is for now.


I don’t want to talk anymore
My last sentence: I want to join this clan but I’m already bound to black…


Confirmed legendaries in mix boxes?


That was a subtle one :smile::smile: