Bound To Black Lounge


Somebody should take a hint…
not to mention any names…

best player in the world


Well,it’s all right then.
Maybe it won’t be bad making it private,however it would have been something else if anyone that’s part of the clan came up with the idea…
As I said,

I really wish not to argue anymore here.


If you dont wish to see this topic on your home screen please feel free to add clan recruitment to your ignore page in your profile.
They are free to use this thread as they wish so long as it follows the topic and thread :slight_smile:


Thank you, good sir…


Oh, then that clears things up


Thank you so much,Elcent!
This was needed as it clears any misunderstanding.


oh no
The reply is coming


I would like you to know that you do not have to reply to this post anymore
Just stop.
Go somewhere else
It is okay


:wink: :wink: :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::rofl:


I have absolut no problem seeing this thread, I am happy for them they made a good clan, but I tried only to make a suggestion for them, since a clan member from them, saw it also this way, most clans have a also a privat topic her in forum to discuss things about the clan.

IF every Clan would use their Clan Recruitment thread as Clan chat, chaos in this forum would be perfect.

Just a tip, form a top clan, and how you can handle such things easier and more clan relevant (privat) :exclamation:

AND no, I didn’t come here to start anything …

I read this and thought exactly the same, because of my expierence :exclamation:



Oh wow, savage

This text will be blurred


Guess you didn’t listen then.
Unless if you didn’t see cause you were replying. That’s okay.
Just leave the thread please so we can go back to pvp and getting wins for the reward.


Ohhhhh I get it, you didnt come here to start anything, you just came here to make people angry :exclamation:
That clears everything up :exclamation:


Thank you!
I hope thing are going well for you too.I saw you weren’t on a clan anymore a couple days back but I’m sure you’ll get in a top one again.
And when you do,you could make a thread like this too,and use it as a chat room if you want to.There’s nothing wrong with it and no one will say anything about it either.

Yeah,that’s okay too.
I didn’t want things to take a turn for the worse either…Let’s both forgive and forget.

Well,I’m glad we could settle this off and agree on things.
Well,it’s just a thread after all…No big issue here.


Let’s just move past this,like nothing ever happened.
Everything is fine now and was fine before as well.


I don’t see what the problem is here.

All the people who just want this a private lounge, PM @L4K3, and they can invite all clan members feeling the same to that PM. Otherwise, this is an open clan lounge.

Those opposed to this topic, just mute it.


Also,Elcent said it’s okay for us to use it like this as long as we stay on the topic (in this case,being the clan’s activities and a little bit of chatting and summoning,but it has to do with the clan directly or indirectly).

Furthermore,we are over that.There’s no problem here.


These aren’t the problems you’re looking for.

Move along!


I detect a reference…


Please,let’s keep being positive here.
There’s no need to go on about it even further.
Everything’s fine the way it is and there’s no need to continue going on it…