Bound To Black Lounge


@Soylent what is this buddy?
You got featured in the 1st page replays,awesome!
The guy had 1 hp left haha xD


what time are we doing the battle rush thing? There are 5 ppl online rn


I’m going right now


so what do we do now @L4K3


Im in a battle rn, just won 3 in a row


Just go and battle :slight_smile:


Damn he got lucky…


Yes please make it privat, it is more like a Clan chat, as you use this thread now.

Thanx :exclamation:


I don’t know how to make it private.
Plus I don’t see the problem…
It’s our business.


How do we do that


You are not in the clan but then you suggest an idea to make this thread private, bt in the process of making the suggestion you went into that very thread


And there’s also a reason why I think it should stay open:

Yeah,maybe we’re using it as a chat room,but it doesn’t bother anybody.
It’s not like you get a sound notification every time a message is left in here.You can just ignore it.

The reason is that maybe there are/will be some other community members that would want to join.If that’s the case,it should remain open.


@Elcent can sure help you about, and NO, it’s not only your business …

  • using it like a Clan chat let jump this thread with every single post to “Latest Topics” first place, I hope you can understand this little “problem”, it is not helpfull :exclamation:



Ok, now thats the point i can agree with


I’m going to repeat myself.

Also.Does anything in the terms of use say anything about this?
I doubt it.
It is completely fine.


Okay,let’s have a poll then:

  • Leave it open
  • Make it private

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I’ll make it private to avoid further discussions or argues.
However,I still don’t get what’s your deal in it.
It’s our problem.


No, is it not, just imagine every Clan would act like this (using the Clan Recruitment thread as Clan chat) :exclamation:


No more words are needed, if you are able to think about this :exclamation:



Please leave this thread, you can go bother somebody else
Currently we are just trying to enjoy ourselves and talk


I think it should be private, our clan is full right now and if you r to recruit someone they can find u here on forum or in game. I won’t take part in poll tho


I don’t care.
I’ll let the poll decide for itself.
However,I would really appreciate if people would mind their own business and not interfere with other’s,in which they’re not even involved.
Just when we were on the ‘‘Win hunt period’’ and we had things going smoothly,too…

If it bothers you so much,please mute this topic.