Bound To Black Lounge


It is a premium box but it definitely isn’t guaranteed legendary, its just like any premium box. Anyways still very nice to get!!


I’m back


@L4K3 I suggest you should update that picture at the top of this thread

Maybe more will join us since they will know that we have a good spot


That’s right.
Said and done.


@L4K3 We should plan a mass arena battle to gain points. We get everyone online and battle all at once for points like all the other clans are doing


Sure,we can do that.
Maybe tonight (because that’s when most people are on) we will focus on arena only?
Would that be okay?


It’s 9:30 PM here right at this moment… And I am going to bed soon so… Uh… yeah

My GMT is +13 so you can do some extra maths if you want and calculate what time is the best


Good night then :wink:
I’ll be back in a few hours (because of some work) and I’ll see what I could think of.


Can i join your clan? I jump around from ranks 8 to 5


Yes,of course!
But could you wait a little longer?
(I’m away from keyboard)


sure I will wait a little longer


I’m still here - will try to join as soon as I can. Definitely qualify for rank 5 (just not immediately after league reset of course).


It doesnt necesarily matter if you meet level 5 or not, it just matters that you try to contribute to the clan awards as best you can. The rank 5 limit is so we dont take in matchmaking 20’s and 15’s If your rank 9 or below you should be good.


Win Hunt Plan

As suggested by @WinzKay
I’ve found this a good idea.
So,here is what I thought:

Right now it’s 18:30 where I am,that being 4.30pm,GMT+0.
Why don’t we start in around an hour and a half,time being 6.00pm,GMT+0?
I see that most people are on during that time so I think it’s most convenient.

What it consists of:

As the title suggests,a win hunt.
Basically around one hour in which we’ll focus on arena (and basically wins) only.
That means that we should try to finish our farming/upgrading process before that time,so we would only dedicate that hour or so to pvp-ing.
We’ll resume our regular farming/any other activities within Sm after that time.

Why would you want to do this?

It would bring more wins to the clan => faster boxes.
Another reason would be that it is more efficient if we all start win hunting at the same time and only focusing on that instead of doing multiple things at once,like farming then one battle,then upgrading and another battle and so on…
Like this we have the time of farming when we focus on farming (or anything else,of course) and the time of ‘‘win hunt’’ when we leave everything aside apart from the arena.
Also,I’ve though about it and it could be an effective strategy.We’d be more organised as well.

My GMT is +13 so you can do some extra maths if you want and calculate what time is the best

6.00 pm on GMT+13 would be 7 am for you…I’m sorry but I couldn’t have come up with something better,as most players are on during this time…Let’s find another time for the next ‘‘win hunt’’ maybe.[/spoiler]

Please leave any suggestions/changes below.

Should we do this for now on?


I think its a great idea, time is ok for me(gmt+3)


So you can take part in it,just after you joined too :)))
Let’s see what the other say and,if everything’s fine,we’ll get to it in around one hour.


Shouldn’t this topic be private? Only clan membets and yarayara


Well…It’s a clan lounge after all…Maybe it should.
Now others will copy this idea too,huh?
xD joking lol.


It would give more opponents to matchmake ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

GMT +1 here, but dunno if I could be there, I usually have something around that hour ^^


I am online