Bound To Black Lounge


contact me if ur looking at me ingame lake
just pm me



The clan is currently on Invite-Only,but the limit goes from rank 25 upwards.

Please search the clan,apply and I will accept the request as soon as I can.

Thank you!


Why didn’t you asked for help from @Berserk40000 to recover the password?


Hey @ZaYFex_SM

I personnaly don’t remember you, but you might remember me ^^


I donnot know him before
you know if I will do it now its just a waste of time
btw what is ur ingame name


The same as inhere, DuduSantos XD


Quite the loving reunion here


twas quite a hiccup at first lol


ahmmmm…… guys its been 3 days I think but im not in the clan
what is the problem.

BTW if this continuo antil tomorrow I will stop playing Sm.
I was planning on doing this thing before because of getting bored of this game
but now I am really leaving this game forever T_T I have been playing this game for almost 6 years and I did not gained medals but its still ok
I injoy the game and about my account I will freeze them
till I found the right player who will take care of them
btw im 16 years old and my life is getting insane when I became a grade 10 student and I cannot handle all of this in one day so please I hope you understand me. You guys here is my last MATES love you all and thank you


I could take care of that acc.

Would not be alive for like 24/7, but I’d go to it from time to time.

Also it’s been about like, 6-7 years since I’ve been Grade 10, so keep learning, you got this. I think you live in the Phils, and KTo12 sounds ridiculous, but you can do it mate. :slight_smile:


Lake I am swapping Unique acc
to MEMECOY acc
those are my accounts
now I leave to clan and replace the Unique acc
on my MEMECOY acc
accept my MEMECOY acc because its stronger than Unique


What rank is MEMECOY?


Hi! My name is MrC3214! I hear you were a member of the former BTB. Cool! I am new to the clan, rank 11-9, and, as @WinzKay put it,

We currently have a spot open, but plz be patient. It took me several months to finally be able to join, but with your rank, I am sure that you will be accepted ASAP. I look forward to having you as a clan mate, and hope you have a fantastic day! :grin:


hmm… maybe…


I should be back in the clan in a few weeks @L4K3
Thats if i am welcome back after my small holiday
Helping a friends clan grow a bit


He is rank 5 atm, trying to get to rank 4, so i helped him :smiley:


Can I copilot Unique? I’m getting bored on both accs.

Also getting bored of other games I have lol


Don’t ask for that here!


Oh, ok.

But I am truly getting bored here.


Thank you, Lake.