Bound To Black Lounge


I did,until not so long ago.
I got a Claw,which opened a couple of paths for me.
For now,I’ll keep playing since there is something I can still do,but I’ll be out afterwards if they keep degrading things.


Is there a spot in the clan currently?


It’s been disbanded due to unfortunate circumstances. We are hoping to get it running again in the near future but there are a few obstacles.


Would I be able to join?




Post any requests on the Bound to Black Reforged page, since that is the new recruitment area after the first one disbanded (but we are all back together now!!!)


Let’s see.
First off,please post a picture of your mech.

After that,all members (nost of them) will have to vote (we’ll make a poll) and then we’ll have our conclusion.

We saw the screenshots.
We have a vote going on and we’ll tell you the conclusion in due time.
Thank you for your patience.


Ah the good ole days


I vaguely remember remember this day


I remember this day too


Time to wake up 001%20(56)


Why tho?


because this topic deserves to be alive


Is this lounge for the reforged BTB or is there a new lounge?
I would like to join but my rank is too low.


IT is for the reforged! :slight_smile:


This topic was for BTB when it first formed


Lake its me Unique from old BTB, Would you mind if I come back to our clan ?


Unique?..didn’t expect to see you…Long time no see

The Clan is Full as of this moment, Lake could probably make space for you, it’s on Invite Only right now so you may have to Wait…

Also, How you been?


Yeah, lol, I thought no one will remember me anymore T_T, BTW who are you in game ?
sorry to ask lel.
Bru im willing to wait, Im the old member of BTB :slight_smile: