Bound To Black Lounge


Rest in piece.


Well what would you expect lol


we will bind again someday!


Hopefully,we’ll launch BTB Reforged one day.


No way.
Same stuff for Regin huh?


I said hopefully.
That means that SM has to recover from the petty updates first and some things need to change for the better,otherwise it’ll be all in vain.


Let that hopefully be the truth.

Does that even mean that you will be back as a leader?


Maybe,maybe not.Who knows?
Someone more capable than me might take the leadership.


Maybe just return in this one?

6 people… 6!!


We need Bound to WHITE


Hello @L4K3 how are you, all right? I was wondering if there is space in your clan, I would like to join :slight_smile: I am very active, since I do not have to work hehe I am rank 12 and well… What do you say? Could I join your clan?

I know I’m not that strong but I started a month ago, give me a little time and I assure you that I will be a good member


Well,BTB isn’t a thing anymore,and the clan I am in is a single-person,just so I carry a flag.
For now,let’s just hope there will be a BTB Reforged in the future,but that also depends on the devs.


No way…
Okay,now I am literally honoured and heartbroken…


O sht,is Lake gonna revive this clan?


Hmm that bad, I thought it was a clan that still existed bro.


Hopefully,this is the 3rd time I say it :slight_smile:
Depends on the devs and what they do in the future.Also depends heavily on the community.


it did, for around 8 months. We all became good friends, had pm lounges and organized clan events. But many people quit because of constant nerfs- so the in game clan disbanded. We still have our private lounges though.


Btw, @L4K3 didn’t you quit?


I wish the devs would be more smart and make better updates…buff a few things to make it more ‘balanced’…then BTB could Shine once more…sadly I think that would be too far off in the future for me to still be here and play this game…


It’s just sad.

I am sad.