Bound To Black Lounge


Not full.
Are you logged in right now?


Its perfectly fine to summon me if you wanna ask something, Im always open to talking
Also, Im perectly fine with a lower rank fellow as long as he does his part in rewards.


Erm, I can’t join because I’m not rank 5 yet. Currently I’m rank 11, is that okay? I’m still pretty active.

P.S. IGN is Boomination


Im pretty sure @L4K3 is happy to accept forum buddies even if they are lower level, just make sure to please do some arena battles a bit to contribute to clan rewards :slight_smile:


If you would like, join now! There is an open spot.Maybe we can battle each other :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s already been decided for me.
I’ll invite right away,then :))
Would be nice to have you here,as well!


Doesn’t let me because I’m lower than rank 5. Can you invite me or something?

Nevermind :smiley:


Whats ur name in game?



I’m in chat right now.


K im in a multiplayer battle, il be in chat


Said and done!
Welcome to BTB :wink:


I am summoned

Also im ok for invitign a forum member as long as they are rank 15 or above


Of course!for me it’s ok to have a member you know.(even though they are not rank 5)
But you should still look for other rank 5’s.


Id like to join if ya have any openings


I wonder if it is possible to get to 2000 wins this week.
We would have to get around 285 wins a day for 7 day season, so everyone in the clan would have to get 12 wins everyday.

So everyone try to strive for at least 12 wins each day! Then we can make it


I’d love to get that box this season.

If we do our best I’m sure that we can!
However,I won’t update this as a rule (because I’m not that kind of ‘‘12 a day or you’re out’’ person) but I highly suggest to try accomplishing as many wins as you can (because it’s for the sake of everybody here :slight_smile:,even if you don’t make all of them it’s okay as long as you gave the least amount of interest).

If maybe,you can’t score 12 wins a day (because either a lack of time or a loss streak) then that’s okay.You can compensate by simply trying and contributing as much as you want/can.


Go to clan chat


That went full quick


I’ve already gotten 12+ wins today (along with some unwanted losses). Now it’s up to you guys.


I’m having a bad PvP day!sorry @L4K3 for the losses,but in the end of the season Im always rank 10 or 9
I just know I’m rank 10 or 9 in the end somehow :smile:

Also,I won’t be online every weekday due to school