Bound To Black Lounge


He’s in top 15 despite not having at least a single rank 4?
I wonder what place BTB gets if that’s right :thinking:


It is because we have our rank 9, 10, and 11 friends that stay


I think we can get past them if we replace our rank low rank peeps with rank 8-7 people :slightly_smiling_face:

But BTB is more of a friendly clan so no we shouldn’t do that :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep,that’s the dilemma…


Is there a spot for me? @L4K3


He’s not the top guy - he has some rank 4s too. . The problem is, this guy talks s##t constantly here and his clan is ranked higher than ours.


Actually,good synchronization.
Yes,there is.


@L4K3 @dankmementos are u on?


English Global?


ok. I am there. Come


Why dankmementos???


Oops my fault :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



(I honestly don’t know whats going on in BTB but I suspect this is happening…)

Don’t hurt me


Off topic but…
I’ll give you a dare that you made a one vid about me quiting.


maybe… :wink:



So that state of the clan- we are down 9 members…
Although, we do have the wonderful @magicmech20 representing as clan leader(not actual in game leader…that passed to a random clan member and we don’t know how to change it)
The game got really bad so lots of people quit…although we are all still talking in our lounge (yay)

Rip this clan though


2 ways …

  • make a new Clan (simular name) with the leader you want and invite the members you want
    (as long as Clan has no Medals, thats best solution)

  • if you want hold your Clan no matter what, you need to write to @Sarah247 / tacticsoft support to ask for a leader change, but the current leader must write that (also that can take some weeks sometimes)



They really should’ve added a stepping down feature to the clan with the clan improvement update


Yeah. I think I’ll try letting Sarah know


For anyone who finds this topic in the future: BTB is currently inactive. Unfortunately, most of our players have lost interest in the game and moved on. We’re sorry to see an awesome forum clan go, and hopefully times will change, but for now BTB is no longer a thing.