Bound To Black Lounge


After he’s in,I’ll make sure to edit it.
Thanks for pointing it out.




You already know my mech do you?


I saw your clan thee is 2 vacancy



You can meet me at 9:59 AM aontill 8:30 PM Philippine time :grin:


You have that claw- and that abo which I have been looking for since october…


Our vote decided that you’re accepted in BTB.
If only we could find some time we’re both online,I’ll invite you right away.


@Tick_Tack we changed how the clan works. Assuming you are under rank 9, you can now join anytime. Simply search up Bound to Black.


I see we have a very big gap in our timezones (GMT) so thsi should be better.
Waiting for you to join!


Once again, we are in need of more members!

Please post here your mechs, and rank if you would like to be considered for entry.


or if youre a level-headed forum member that just needs a home


Or if you are a player who is in solitude and needs some good friends…


Are you wanting to join or just flexing?


Actually nevermind… That was not a flex, I was seriously going to join your clan but…




Still rejected.


I want to join the clan


Hey johnathan! You were max mythicals, right?


Clan is still growing I see