Bound To Black Lounge


What is your rank?

Doesn’t have to be too high, just can’t be ultra low


Kay: The dude is rank 6… if he collected his season reward, then rank 4 ish. If he didn’t, then will become Rank 7 ish


We do have spaddel, who says he is willing to join Bound 2 Black since he has no desire to rank up- he plays with goat mechs.


Kay: You do the sorting this time as I’m banned and don’t have much leeway



Winzky I am willing to join pls hehehehe


I put a poll up for our clan mates to vote on. Expect the decision to come in by tomorrow.


I can reach only sunk 3 if I want
Cause I am building my energy mech
Also my physical mech


Yes I am willing to wait just msg me if there is vacancy in your clan :slight_smile: I am Gabriel jay ilawa


Since some people are leaving, can I join now?


Hi i am “Unique” from SM my i know when i can join so i can prepare!?


Wait…Winz was banned?

Welcome to the party mate lol.


Yes, he was banned…


Behhaviour eh?

I wonder why.


Transcendent banned me


Probably for you calling him a woman about 30 times lol.



What is your rank?


Hey! GOod new! We voted to let you in! Now you and @L4K3 can be on at the same time.


I’m on right now but I don’t know about him.


Attention please!

We have two vacant spots in BTB.

If you’d like to join,please show a picture of your mech(s) and wait for the approval (as we function in a voting democracy),after you read the rules (simple rules in the original post aka. first post).
Thank you!

Refference picture:
(You don’t have to show your stats;I encourage the right to privacy)


1 Vacant spot once we get Tick_Tack in. Might wanna correct that.