Bound To Black Lounge


Explain to your mates why him but not me?


Because of your attitude, maybe?


I already explained to hm via pm


Sorry bro, I have joined Old Top Players 8.0. So, I am unavailable for now. I can be available in future. But, sorry for now. Good Luck !!! with your clan - SantaClemente


Enjoy the clan! Hope everything goes well, and good luck!


I once joined the Old Top Players 8.0 once, but quit on the same day since it does not make as much wins as my clan does, I need em’ Bonus Tokens :joy:


Were almost there :slight_smile:
We’ve come so far


But do ya’ll have the wins? Haha.


Umm yeah? Strange question


It would be fun if on a special day all clan members tried to make 20 pvp won :grimacing:


I think I might explode if I tried to do that… unless I went to 1v1 rank with my goat mech first. And I don’t have the time for that…



Yes! Congratulations to everyone!




Well done guys… Gratz


Top 10 clans eh?



Yep :slight_smile:
It happened.




I am willing to join this clan what I have been waiting for!
I’m Unique in game its my name lol


WinzKay here: I am banned so I apologies for my inactivity. I will put you on the waiting list after some discussion among the members of BTB.

We are currently full and have some other potential joinees in mind as well… so are you willing to wait? You can always pull out when needed.

May I also meet you in Game?