Bound To Black Lounge


Took a look. Not disapointed :joy: @Yeet, youve been quite creative. Loved the french touch.


Wait,what happened?

Indeed,I just came back from hospital and it seems I’m missing out on a couple things.


Well we had a little talk,you may want to see something




Just please imagine that we said idiotic words.

It’s good to be back mate.


Thatnk you!

Alright,let’s get over it then.


L4k3 tell them by your own


Are you ok now?
Sorry for off topic but still


It’s the Lounge area,so there’s no such thing as off-topicness.

Yeah,I’m alright now.
I feel a lot better than this morning,too.
Thanks for asking.


One more thing,you will stay in sm right buddy?
Explain them that
El metre
And L4k3 are 3 different persons


Yes,of course!
SM is love,SM is life :slight_smile:


First of all…

Trafalgar aka. Trafi/rrr.You’re that guy and unfortunatelly I can’t demonstrate it.

Me,L4K3 aka Lake…Well,i’m me wth :laughing:

But El_Metre?
Metre has years of gameplay and has been playing since besty and the others.I joined in december last year,unlike Metre,that has been playing for years at a time.

Are you serious people?


Well we tryed buddy
How about a 2 vs 2 like in good old days?


Sorry for the late reply,again :sweat_smile:
Sure,let’s go!


Haha lol…so many deleted posts…:joy:


Please thank to someone who has done it.

Vielen Dank.

I just love your positivity Lake…


@dankmementos, why’d ya’ ask me that in arena?


So much deleted post, Why can’t we just say Hello and be agreeing with all just for once XD


Cause you were on the waiting list- not sure who put you there

Therefore I was wondering if you asked to join the clan or something


@SantaClemente Are you still interested in joining- cause we voted, and you have been accepted into the clan! Sorry for the long wait, but there were problems including the leaders absense (he is back now)
Once you are ready, you can search up the clan (Bound To Black) and join!

Once you are in, lets us know here, and we will invite you into the private lounge.