Bound To Black Lounge


Yeah but i mean…keep those screenshots at desktop.


Alright, we can consider this done


End of the drama i guess,no more.

Anyways… @dankmementos are you still deciding on that poll?


There is a huge difference between to accuse or to just show a possibility :exclamation:

Please repsect this - thanx :exclamation:

On the other side … to public pm is a not a good thing, special if yourself insulted extremly in this pm :exclamation:



What I meant by that is delete any posts in this thread about the fight or your theory about Lake and rrr, and do not mention it again. In return, I have deleted all posts relating to any of this in this thread.


Ok - that sound good … I will delete mine of-topic here also, as far as I can read … @dankmementos started here about this … maybe it would be good to delete this also.



the thing that makes me doubt that L4k (sorry if I got the name wrong) is someone else’s alt is the avatar. he had/has this sort of goth/emo phase selfie avatar that sort of fits some of his other posts. particularly the diatribe about the “posers” he wrote in the “cry about whatever” thread. idk. do love a good bit of gossip though. can I see this PM? my interest is peaked.


You did misspelled his name.



That’s what i noticed.


figured we were already off topic.

believe me I understand goth/emo/whatevertheycallitthesedays phases. been there, done that.

when did I say he couldn’t? I was simply saying that writing seemed to match the person displayed in the avatar so it felt “legit”. you’re getting very defensive considering I’m arguing your case…

his avatar might not have been intended to advertise that he’s going through a teen emo phase. but that’s what it did for me. again, I’m not judging. just measuring how “real” I felt the account was considering there’s all this talk of it being fake.

okay… why is this being adressed in a bullet point response to me? I dont give a ■■■■ if you delete it or not lmao. this isnt even a thread on a serious topic its just a clan chat thing. leave or remove whatever you want.


Misfit- we know he isn’t an alternate account

I’ve been talking to him on this forum since february, and he is awesome- he was out because of an injury
Me and other clan members are really angry because the moment he came back, and we were all happy, just 1 minute afterwards bestplayer was being slanderous with accusations…


1min after Besty came to say good “good health”…
Just sayin


has he made a recovery then? that’s good to hear.

such an interesting bunch of characters in BTB. I’m rooting for you guys to make it into the top 3 some time.


We got like 6 skulls- but there are some rank 10-11 we keep

However, we are discussing making a second clan for our non interested in ranking up members- in fact one of our members uses their goat mechs and hovers around rank 15 for more interesting gameplay.
So if we do this- there may indeed be a ranking up from top 15- to maybe top 10?

And thanks for the good wishes


Before besty wishes the good health, she sent me a pm with insulting accusations


With some efforts, top 5 is achievable good lads.
Splatter did it…


That would be nice :slight_smile:

I might be making skull rank soon myself

Once I max everything of course- for now the farthest I get i rank 5


Remember my last private advice and youll get your skull…


My troll side is curious :slight_smile: