Bound To Black Lounge


Besty and Danky?

End my suffer.


I removed myself from the pm, but one of my clan members (offline right now) is still in it- perhaps they can post a screenshot.
Basically she accused L4K3 of “dissapearing” not for medical reasons, but instead because he is secretly you or something

Its all bullshit

I think she just wants a fight


Weren’t you supossed to be El-Metre? or Littlelost?
Welcome back Lake!
Fa-te bine romane, ca tara are nevoie de tine.


All these accusations and fights- she should really get a suspension


What the fak are you guys doing. Shes just welcoming Lake back. Unfakinnecessary provocation.


Wait wait

So @bestplayerintheworld talks bad things about me and @L4K3 in private?

@bestplayerintheworld you can say anything about mee,i m glad to see that you care that much,but @L4K3 just came from hospital,this is your :“welcome back” for him?really?

Our dear friend came back after many weeks and this is how you talk about him?


She not though- it is with sarcasm

I will get one of my clan members to post a screenshot of her insulting accusations here once they are on
she didn’t say anything in public, but I know how she really feels about the situation


As you can see by my screenshots, somebody else is responsible for unnecessary provocation.


Somewhere else at another time, not here mate.


How did all these accusations start…same country doesn’t mean same person


I agree. I just say it doesnt have to continue here… faning the fire you are. And well, vs Besty you wont win. Shes an overly trained troll master.


End of disussion here then- don’t want this thread being closed

But I don’t want to have any more accusations shoved in my face, especially about friends, especially after a worrying couple weeks, accompanied with relief.


Mate come on, chill out, dont you get banned on a conversation with me pelize.


I apologize for fueling the fire. Can we go our seperate ways and respect our wishes? All I want you is to stop replying in this thread, and drop the Lake accusations.


Add that to your topic mate.


Good terms

Mine are- don’t make accusations to us again- or anyone else (without proof)


I swear that those yeet’s friends screenshots are for reall and we saw it.


Alright then. I will delete the screenshots and any others posts about that pm in this topic. In return, you will drop the accusations and not reply on this thread anymore.


Keep the screenshots in case mate.


Hes going to delete his posts with them…