Bound To Black Lounge


I’m sorry guys,but there’s no more room in here…

Edit:Made room for one.
@magicmech20 here you go if you still wanna join


Yikes. I can’t get on SM until 6:00 AM EST tomorrow, unfortunately - work and stuffs. I’ll look again then. Sorry for the confusion :confused:


Now recruiting rank 5’s and above!
Let’s try to make this a top 10 clan,I’m sure we can.
Was rank 23 before I removed some unknown/full legacy players,now we’re on top 40 (because we’re having a couple free spots here.
Come join if you want to :wink:


How about @magicmech20?
He said he’s usually rank 5.


I’ll be waiting for his reply!

Also,forgot to mention something else:
Even if you aren’t on the higher ranks,I refuse to kick people (especially our friends from this forum;I wanna keep them buds close :smile: )…It’s a tough choice for me to do it because I know how it feels to get kicked from a clan you wanted to be in…If anything,I’ll leave a message or something instead of that.
So,kicking will be my ultimate last resort .Under normal circumstances,I’ll be patient with you guys and help where I can;no problem for I know you will grow.I’d only kick the random guys with full-legacy mechs or others we don’t really know.That to make room for more of ours.

So don’t worry,rank 10-15 guys.You’re our homies and we will be patient with you.

Normal circumstances mean you know…Fair play and decent behavior :+1:
Sure,you can swear if you feel like it (I sometimes do,as well).It’s okay with a limit.
Sure,you can complain,talk about anything and everything.I’ll join in along with you if you wanna :)))
All I ask for is a little order,the least amount of activity you can have (so you don’t have to play 24/7,no worry),fair play (like in no cheats or stuff like that) and most importantly a little respect for everyone (like in behavior and scoring a couple wins when you can,for the sake of everyone;you know we all get the rewards).
So those would be the rules (for now).Not asking for much (that’s pretty much the most basic rules there could be to keep a little order going).


Don’t worry @L4K3 I’m kinda weak right now,but maybe after a few months I can be at least rank 8 or 7(9-10 now)


No worries granted :smile:
I’ve seen a little bit of your evolution and I know you’re on the good way!
As I said,I’ll be patient especially with forum buds.
Play at your own pace,ask for anything that you need,grow and make us proud :)))
Weak or strong,everything has a beginning.That’s why I prefer to wait and secure something rather than rushing to the top,for that’s not the point in this case.
You know I made this clan especially to form a group of us,fellow forum members sorry for maybe repeating this.
And if we could hit that top one day,all the better!


Guys,we gotta do it!


may I join ur clan @L4K3


Well,I said that and I’m a guy of my words…
If you’re rank 5 then sure,you’re welcome in.
But,if the other members are okay with a lower-rank fellow forum member,then I’d be more than glad to invite you.
What do you guys say?
@Winz_Kay @LegacyMech @YGGM @SeanChoi1870 @dankmementos @Yeet

Also,is it okay if I summon you like this when I need to ask for your opinions?


I am a rank 8 so I qualify


Yeah sure…

btw I have nearly maxed out my torso, legs and nearly have a mythical nighteagle


and yes it is ok for u to do that


sorry i got confused i can’t join ur clan yet


Very well!
Awesome actually.One more forum bud added to our ranks.

Sorry for maybe not waiting for everyone else’s opinion but I doubt it would be too different…

@Johnathan_Hunte,what is you in-game nick,mysterious one? :)))


I’m totally okay with both, inviting lower rank forum member (I’m not saying this because I’m one XD) and summoning me with the @myself ^^


Lowest rank is 25 if I’m right, and highest is 1

So 5 and above means rank 5/4/3/2/1 ^^

You told that you are rank 8, lower than rank 5 in the Ladder Arena system ^^

Just highlighting that point, maybe it’s because of that you can’t join if @L4K3 set the minimal rank to 5 ^^


Well,that’s why I shouted out to you :)))
Special exceptions can be made if agreed on.


Is it full? I’d like to join.


Yeah I’m cool with the summoning