Bound To Black Lounge


I’ve never created a clan before so I don’t know


Should I leave then join just to check?


Enjoy being a lone warrior for a few hours if you can’t join again


I’ll probably miss out on the 20,000 gold clan box


I just did it… I have the power to enter and leave as I please

@ArmaKaiser Can you search this exact name and see if you can join? Caps lock, space and all: Bound To Black


You, I have seen you, y u kill me? :((((((((((((((((((((((


Yea, i found it and join) so i am glad that you took me


A warm welcome to you,comrade!

Sorry I took this long.I was supposed to invite myself but it seems that it’s already solved.Please,enjoy your stay!


Me mech

Boi I got buff

Also L4K3, I saw one of your members in the ranking stuffy stuff, checked the clan
(Which is BoundtoBlack, nice) and saw you’re missing one member.


We have a couple of people on the waiting list because we are sorting things out.

Keep reminding us about you and we’ll figure out something when we get there.

Thanks for your patience. :smiley:


BTB has a lot of applicants these days :slightly_smiling_face:


I’mma still try to beat u nub (joke, don’t take it seriously)




oh I noticed you’re rank 4,you’ll never find me


Then that means u r nub (again, joke)


Indeed,but I see them as good news :slight_smile:
Too bad we had to put down a couple applicants already…But we’re still managing.


Like Who?


Well, for one, Uchiha left.


@L4K3 how the hell did your little clan of misfits get so damn popular


Because it’s full of Forum peeps.