Bound To Black Lounge


Am I qualified enough? My stats are pretty basic :

Can get to Rank 6 as of now
Currently Rank 7
Good amount of wins
Loses to f*ckin’ annoying smurfs, energy mechs that has above 450+ energy (but that energy is nothing if I use Naga as torso) and high energy physicals.

First mech :
First mech

Second mech :

Second MEch

Edit: I just noticed I revived this topic, sorry fellas


I will ask in our channel and come back.
Thanks for showing interest in us,BTB-ers :slight_smile:
I’ll reply asap.


Hey thanks! And you’re welcome!


Nice mechs there man.


I asked our members and the agreement rate so far is 100%.
I doubt it’s going to change too much at this point but I’ll let the poll open until tomorrow to allow more to vote (different GMT’S).
If you could wait just one more day,I’ll tell you the conclusion (though it looks like we already reached one,I want it to be fair).


Hello, so can i join to your great team?
My rank:4 make in season ~100 wins( higest 400) Open for dialogs and critic , but not so sociable and here my mechs( yea they not good)


Oh,I am making that poll right now.
Please have a little patience and I’ll come back!

Btw,glad to hear that you’d want to join us!


Alright,BTB has spoken!

The results concluded that @ArmaKaiser gets the spot in the clan.
I won’t detail it because we’ll also invite you in the private channel and you’ll see for yourself the way we do things and how we reached that conclusion :slight_smile:
Sorry,@cyanine .We agreed on you,too,but Arma took the spot for now.
If anything,we’ll further discuss it and grant you a reply if anything.

Thanks for your time!


Yeah already knew that, but thanks anyways :slight_smile:


still on that waiting list i guess


Just had a lot of turmoil, someone got kicked, and we accidentally kicked on of our members who we had to get back…
I can’t find them here, so do you mind posting some screenshots of your mech and rank?

We would be happy to have you :slight_smile:


i only have these two


Wow! @L4K3
Pretty much we gotta wait for Lake to get online so he can post a poll, and then we vote on it. I expect voting will be done in the next 48 hours, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Oh hey yeet. I didn’t know your lockdown ended!


Wait… so are we now going for rank as well?


Actually,I would avoid that.

It would be great if we could obtain a couple medals,of course,but that involves replacing a couple other members in favour of higher ranks,thus kicking some of our good comrades.

BTB is supposed to be a permitting clan;a place for us to share,have fun,grow,joke,know eachother,b***h about things,support one another and all good and bad things alike.Not a top clan,as said in the description.

If we agree,we could orient ourselves towards that medal,but that means giving up on our friends for a pair of pixels;I wouldn’t want to distance myself (ourselves) just for a virtual medal…At least,not yet,but if you all want it,it can and will be done.

We’ll discuss this later,on the 3rd channel,as we have already made a couple changes in such a short time and we shouldn’t rush things like that.


So ok, how i can understand i am need wait a spot?


I think @L4K3 is gone for now… possibly asleep. I need to go too so I’ll try chuck you over to someone awake at this point :grin:


We have a free spot now :slightly_smiling_face:
But I think the clan doesn’t accept ppl automatically so maybe you must wait an hour or two :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you can automatically join if you are Rank 5?