Bound To Black Lounge


It surely is the best clan :wink:


It totally is but I am not good enough for the clan yet


Haha I arrived 3 hours late … now when they mention me it takes a while for me to be notified …:sweat_smile:


@L4K3, you on?


He might not be on right now, And I cant invite you.
Ill invite you to the lounge tho


Any space left for this clan?

I’ll join if there is.


Let me check you out…

Ingame name?


Wait a few days, as we are currently sorting out some space and member issues now.
Once everything settles we will consider your acceptance! @L4K3


I’ll wait then :slight_smile:


@Yeet Why wait?

We just need Transcendant and Antonio to be on at the same time as Lake and so that doesn’t mean we can’t assess Trophy


we have a reserved spot for @Antonio_Ortega and another for @Transcendant,but we have a legacy player to be kicked so there will be free space soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Im figuring we want to actually get them both in before we add another person to chase in the mix


Reasonable I guess

But it’s fun


probably not for lake lol


In game name though?


A Legacy player? Is it a guy named LegacyMech?


I mean THE DANGER lol


Lol. Misleading name tho


oh, it’s Astronos. you won’t find me cuz i aint online rn


Yep,as @Yeet said,we are having a little trouble with the maintenance due to the different timezones.
But it will be soon enough sorted out.
We’ll have the poll going and all.
Please,be a little patient :slight_smile: