Bound To Black Lounge


okay, but, I don’t have for now ^^

or it isn’t in the “messages” thing ?




Update log!

  • Updated the lobby’s description (check it out).
  • Added the in-clan tournament as a new activity.
    Will edit it as soon as we agree on the rules.
  • Changed the lower limit for joining to rank 8.

Have a nice day!


@L4K3 got any more free spots left? been thinking of joining a friendly clan. (Kinda tired of going solo).


Yes, we would be happy to see u in our ranks :slight_smile:
Hope lake can respond soon


Sure thing!
Sorry for the late response as someone came over.
I’ll log in shortly (5 minutes).
I can invite you anytime.


@L4K3 I’m reviving this thread,because we have 1 spot open.


Ah, nice to hear! I’d like to join if I might :slight_smile:
I’m decently active, usually around rank 6 (rank 7 after reset, rank 5 at the end of the week), do not cheat and rarely swear.
Until today I was mostly playing 3v3, so I have no idea where my rank is going to go with this new update…


good to hear.just wait for lake,he’s the leader.
also,what’s your in-game name?


My in-game name is Spaddel, same as here :slight_smile:

Little addition, so far I’ve been playing in Rakuen (kicked because of too low rank) and LEGEND ROBOTS (left because scammers were tolerated at that time). So I do not plan on clan hopping^^


Actually,it’d be great to have you.
You’re a pretty nice dude here,on the forum,and I would like to trust your word on that one.
Tell me when to log in in order to invite.


Hello,fellow pilots and forumers!

I’d like to announce that we have spare room in BTB.

At the moment,there are 3 open spots (and maybe 1 extra).

We are expecting @Transcendant (unfortunatelly I couldn’t invite him in due time because I am mentally reduced apparently and we can’t get in touch with him for a while don’t ask,please).

We are also expecting @Antonio_Ortega (with whom I talked about this;currently waiting for an answer in order to make the connection).

So,there is 1 open spot for granted,but if there’s anyone else that wants to join I shall make a poll and try to free one more (there is someone inactive but who helped us a lot before,that’s why we have to do this democratically).

Thanks for the time!
We are waiting for applications.

We have considered taking in @HunterKnight,as our members have suggested it and looks like the poll was in his favour.


woa… nani is this about!


You’ve been suggested as a new member here.
We made a poll and the results were positive;we would take you in.
Of course,if you accept.


For some reason,it wouldn’t let me edit the original post.

A couple things have changed and I have to keep this thread up to date.
Please help me solve this small issue.


Is it fixed?


Yes,thank you for solving it!


i’d like to join, gladly
i just… need to log in but it might take a while with my wifi connection…


Please leave a pm when you’re good to go and I’ll make the connection :slight_smile:


This is clan is the best…made up of 50% forum members, we have a lounge that we talk in everyday for build help, ideas, and a lot of fun.
Youll love it here