Bound To Black Lounge


Guys please check out my idea and tell me what you think


Message for all clan members:

@bestplayerintheworld suggested me something and it seemed helpful.Also,it would solve various isses (such as outsiders finding out our strategies,the notification issue and a couple other).

This is the basic idea:

  • We’d have this thread as a recruiting space.
  • If the clan gets full and we won’t need it for recruiting matters anymore,we’d use it only to post important/urgent matters regarding the clan/its situation or bigger changes.
  • We’d have another thread in the forum,this time private,in which we’ll be able to discuss little things or anything else (mostly strategies and discrete clan issues).We need a forum thread because the clan chat washes away very often and you can’t keep the messages for everyone to see,this way no one will miss anything.
  • For the most part,we’d have this as a ‘‘Recruit Zone/Major News Zone’’ public and a proper ‘‘Lounge’’ (or a forum chit-chat instead of the regular clan chat) that will be private,only accessed by the clan’s members (but you figured that out;had to spell it to make sure everyone understands the idea).


I already said I won’t do anything without our fellow’s accord.
Please choose:

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Other idea that I will post below

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I will make it a public poll to only take in consideration the votes of the ‘‘inside people’’.
@Yeet @dankmementos @WinzKay @Johnathan_Hunte @YGGM @LegacyMech @Chicken_Drink @SeanChoi1870 Sorry if I forgot to summon anyone that didn’t already vote.


Sorry, if someone miss-understood me, it was never my intent to “close” / make this Recruitment thread privat :exclamation:

OF COURSE USE it and let it OPEN :exclamation:

It is great having new good clans :exclamation:

I saw the post from @Soylent and agreed, BUT I didnt thought about I can be miss understood :exclamation:

So have fun recruiting and find best players for your clan and enjoy this thread.




I’m not on atm - working, unfortunately. I can get on around ~6:30 PM EST if that would work, and I’m always on every morning 6/7 AM EST. I wish I could get on more… but life is too busy.


I did miss-understand you originally, and sorry for that
However name calling never helps clear up anything, just know this for the future


@L4K3 I finally made it to black!

Took a long time tho


Hey! I made it in! :smiley:

I’ll do my best to contribute and have fun with the rest of y’all!


go on clan chat

20 characters


I’m rank 9!


Welcome :slight_smile:


should I myth [poll type=multiple min=1 max=4]

  • terror cry
  • night eagle
  • reckoning
  • heat engine

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show me your mech please


ok I will show you my mech here it is


you should get more energy.


I suggest you to transform into heat mech


Good job on maxing your torso,dank!
I know how long it takes to do so.
Can I say you’re…Bound to Black?

Welcome in our team,magicmech!
Glad to have you here.Let’s do our best :slight_smile:


Absolutely! My time is limited but I’ll do as many pvp battles as I can squeeze in.


All I ask for is those 3 wins for the daily quest.
If you can’t get on a day,two then that’s fine,we all have lives yes,including me,I’m not just some forum addict as some would say :'D


BTB update!

Our members have agreed on this.
The change will take course today.

  • From now on,we’ll have a separate thread for inside discussing and this thread as a recruiting place/update zone.

Please,members of BTB,check your pm.

Have a great day!


Will check as soon as I get off work :neutral_face:

Unless wait, is this a forum thing or a SM thing? confused