Bound To Black Lounge


Welcome to BTB’s Lobby!

First of all,let’s look at the requirements:

  • Decent activity and the least amount of wins daily or every couple days (if something interferes and you can’t log in that day).
    The daily quest requires 3.Even better if you can make more (because it benefits all members).
  • The rank doesn’t really matter as long as you have a fair amount of arena points, though the higher the rank, the better.
  • Decent behavior (yes,you can swear but within a limit).
  • Fair play - No cheats,bugs or exploits allowed.
  • Earnestness/Seriosity (as in not swapping the clans every couple days or so and keeping your word when you say that you’d participate in a given activity).
  • The least amount of respect you could pay the other members.


A group of normal people.

We joke, we chat, we discuss, we come up with ideas and implement changes, we give and follow advice, we complain…We do all kinds of stuff :slight_smile:

We have this thread working as a lobby and a private channel through group pm-ing on the forum.
(New members will be invited in it after gaining a little trust between our group)

It’s a really nice little community overall and still growing.

Also,no decisions are taken without the approval of other members.We have to agree on things before implementing anything.
Be it a poll or just some thumbs up on a suggestion,we all make the decisions here.

We’re well aware that this in not the strongest clan.
We’re around top 20 but that’s fine. (it’s really good actually but I have to keep being modest here)
If you join, do it for the fun or the support of everyone here.

Waiting List:

(Managed by @Winz_Kay)

VIP’s: @Soylent, @Nemesis9.

  1. @Chicken_Drink


Hi, I just joined! My supermechs name is “understandable have a nice day” It used to be yeet, but my pesky brother changed it…


Hello! I joined your clan. As of now though, it seems no one else is in it besides you. Hopefully others join so we can start getting rewards.
Also my name is Safari Master


Thank you so much!
I’m really glad you joined.I hope we can recruit more people to get the rewards going for all of us.
Even so.It’s even better to share this clan with people I actually know from this forum :)))


I joined. I want to be in a clan that can be up with the top clans like HardToKill and LLYL and ReignReforged. Will take a loooong time but still… I wanna be in one


I joined as well :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I join your clan ^^
I’m a natural lone wolf, so I’m not sure, but the time will tell us ^^

usually around the low-middle rank 10 and high rank 11 ^^


I’m so happy to hear this from you,my friends :)))
It feels amazing.
Let’s grow it together


Can you let my second acc join your clan?
It have no clan


Ok I can…


Can I join?I’m rank 10.

Note :I’m only online when it’s a weekend


Sure thing!
Of course you guys can join,and I’d actually love to have you there.
All the better if you do,for we know each other.


I’m here ^^ (in the clan)


This text will be hidden


I’d like to join if I can. I’m rank 5 by the end of leagues, although I can’t be as active as I’d like (only ~30 minutes a day on a SM-capable device). If that’s not enough that’s ok, but I hope it is!

(game-name is Freckles the Magic Mech)


Yes,of course!
I already said it,anything for my brothers here on the good ol’ forum :wink:


Why thank you! I’ll get in on the awesomeness as soon as I can :smile:


Hey @L4K3

Im in your clan right now.If you dont know who I am,my name is omegaemperor_627


Can you not? Everyone else here is having a good time, then you come around and ruin their fun by mentioning that. And it’s not the first time you’ve ruined or just “exposed” other people either. So just please stop and go annoy people somewhere else, hopefully not on these forums.


Hey, tried to join this morning but couldn’t find the clan for some reason. Any ideas? :man_shrugging:


I can’t search for the clan is it still there?