Boss Blade, the highest damage mele weapon

I think it would be very neat to have a sword that was so large that it did 1 and 2 range attacks. It could do maybe 110 damage to 140 damage. Think about it.

2 Range Is Not Needed :wink:

you probably didn’t reach skull rank yet. Do you know what higr rank players often tend to use? (well, besides obviously OP hardware shredders, electric spam or devastation spam)

you know it. Those myphical axes and hammers, as well as Cold Fire and Lava Spray. And possibly also those legs with 2 uses and extreme damage (and those stomps dont even cost heat/energy). It is so easy to get to the close range, due to 3-move legs, myphical (2-use) teleport, myphical (2-use) harpoon, and, if you have some place left, myphical (2-use) charge. Harpoon enemy and overheat him with those fancy red axe so he wastes turn trying to cool down, or teleport nearby and drain all he has with light blue mallet - and he now can’t teleport away. And if he stomps you, use Cold Fire/Lava Spray.

as you can see, quite full strategy that only requires close-range weapons themselves and means to get close (legs, charge/harpoon/teleport). And many rank 1 players successfully make use of that. Both explosive and electric weapons are fine here, as they prevent victim to easily escaping your grip.

now. You want to offer a close range weapon with even higher damage than yellow axe/hammer AND with range 2. This brings up the question: do you even realize what “game balance” means?

P.S. special note on this

so large weapon would probably use 2 side weapon slots AND require 2 action to attack with it. Under that conditions, it probably could be added… but devs never will add such changes to game engine, as they have no time for this

Much more like 1000-2000 damage

25352, I’m a rank 2 sir

forget it…

they made a mistake… in 24 hours they will notice… :slight_smile:

I’m a Rank 1 sir…

they added new melee weapons that does 300-400 damage ._.

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Who needs Boss Blade when you have this freaking update?!? :joy:


I wrote this BEFORE the update.

I know…

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It would be nice to be able to trade in a myth for a role at a new item.