BORG WORLD (needs work)


Basics of the world:

No alliances. Your name IS your alliance. When you conquer someone, they gain your name and now you are allied.

There are a lot of kinks to work out with this game-mode. Thoughts?

  • I thought about maybe a max, like 6 people per “alliance,” before conquering comes into effect.
  • I dabbled with the idea that everyone in one alliance (requesting is allowed, no conquering necessary) has the same name, and in order to take them down, the leader (hidden who it is) needs to be conquered.

So, how can we make this work?

Would you be interested in a world like this?

  • Yes
  • No

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@Robin_Hood please add polls to your suggestions. It helps the community show if they like the idea.

Personally i do like the idea but can see that it might require a coding change and therefore may be hard to implement. Perhaps rather than using conquers for incoming, base income could be increased.

Also may as well not limit the alliance size and just make it a shorter world. I expect that you’ll have to make it so that you lose your army or something if you do get conquered to stop people quickly joining 1 side and winning.


Kinda reminds me of my old zombie event suggestion :smiley:

I’d be up for it with some tweaks. There’s no doubt some things that couldn’t be done and some that might be do-able with the help of admin.


This seems like a cool Idea, reminds me from the taggin game in tony hawk pro skater. Where you had to tag the ramps. and the would color for player 1 or player 2.

Only if the team is max 6 players, I dont understand the concept. Its like I conquer you, and you are in my team? Can I kick you then? And after my team is filled can I continue conquered ppl and what will happen to them?


and what about rebelling and freeing your self , how would you do it ?


You’re In the same alliance lmao you’d get auto liberated


so if u conquer someone gets in your same alliance ? what if he dosent want to be with you or wants to kill you hahaha


he doesnt get to, thus is the whole point of this scenario


The idea behind the BORG world is that it doesn’t matter what you want; once you are taken by someone, you are now on their team. More importantly, you ARE them.

I’m thinking we can expand on the shield idea for colonies. Instead of making it 3 ticks, you could increase the number to a full 24 ticks. Makes it much harder for players to take over.

Maybe instead of building the shield, everyone already has it? And it’s on a 24 tick cooldown?


Waiting for actual 24 ticks to conquer a single player ? i don’t think that’ will work