Boost with tokens?

The idea is as follows, since everyone is satisfied with improving with gold do it with Tokens … Here is an example c:

Nightmare torso lvl 1 and pass it to lvl 30. would be like about 100 or 150 tokens … (Easy, win tokens in this update, but the daily, more achievements, but the fights is impossible that you do not win some token)

PS:This is an option, you can buy it with gold if you want.

Aw hell naw you want more pay2play players in da house?

The concept itself should be illegal

Nice idea but only for p2p players so need to reduce a lot the price of gold for f2p players for this idea be not unfair.

One of the baddest ideas

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Everyone is satisfied with boosting with gold? Dude, that is the complete opposite!

the better idea is always to remove the cost for fusing and a supplement option that cost tokens or gold (a few like 15,000 gold max or 30 tokens for example) for fuse a little more faster. And nerf the transform cost because is too much 5 legendary and 100,000 gold for mythical!

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