~~Book of World Records~~

Welcome to the SuperMechs Book of World Records !

Here, in the list below, we have a list of records held currently by …

  • a player / clan of the game

  • a member of the forum

It can be broken or is being attempted.

Anyone is free to edit this Wiki but please be responsible.
I will be constantly checking this and will be notified of any changes.



Most Medals (players): bestplayeroftheworld … 248

Most Medals (clans): HardToKill … 236

Most Gold Medals (single): bestplayeroftheworld … 32

Most Gold Medals (clan): DaddyTx … 87

Most Gold Medals (clans): Reign Reforged … 99

Most Silver Medals (single): CANOPY … 17

Most Silver Medals (clan): bestplayeroftheworld … 73

Most Silver Medals (clans): HardToKill … 91

Most Bronze Medals (single): CANOPY …12

Most Bronze Medals (clan): Cpt. Kill … 79

Most Bronze Medals (clans): Littlelost your lost … 97


Most Arena Points (players): CleverName … 300

Most Arena Points (clans): Reign Reforged … 5604

First +200 Arena Points (players): Lord Gorgon

First +300 Arena Points (players): CleverName

First +5000 Arena Points (clans): Reign Reforged

Most Arena Wins (players / Reloaded): Made in Vietnam … 3600

Most Arena Wins (players / pre-Reloaded): bestplayeroftheworld … 2500

Most Arena Wins (clans): Lions of Atlas … 10001


Most Gold: GameSmasher … 309,497,740

Most Tokens: CleverName … 120,006

Most XP: Mr.E … 222,475,775

Most Clan Coins: bestplayeroftheworld … 23795

Most Clan Coins (one round): druss33 … 252

Most Inventory Slots: CleverName … 800

Most Legendary/Mythical/Divine Items: CleverName … 657

Most Arena Coins: DarkJailu … 12959


Most Damage Titan (3 battles): druss33 … 639,890

Most Damage Titan (single shot): Ricemech88 … 3135

Most Turns (battle): Atusiff / liam36287 …1767

Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opening In A Row: CleverName … 50 Packs / 250 Boxes

Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opened Total: CleverName … 3250 Packs / 16250 Boxes

Most Platinum Platings: CleverName … 23

Highest Score Clan War: Invicktus … 5183

Most Alt account: Khalil Fears/ Fears Curse… 136

List of GOAT Winners

· Z Particle ·
[SG] Black Goat Killer



Most Likes Received: WinzKay

Most Likes Given: rc1

Most Votes in One Poll: DANIEL_GOSSETT … 317

Most Voters in One Poll: Misfit … 105

Most Days Visited: Elcent … 829

Feel free to suggest more !

If you edit this Wiki, be sure to have a correct value of the Record (screenshot at least) and please try to not destroy the format !


Should this be Forum based too? e.g. Most Likes Received

  • Yes
  • No

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my clanmate has 220 mio exp. i guess there are some out there with such a huge amount.

Yes! If you could get a photo of it, we’ll add it up there immediately. I was just a placeholder to motivate more people to participate XD

@Ricemech88 Did your edit disappear when David_jojua editted it?

Most “i leave the game/retire” but actually dont: @who?

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i actually know a guy…it comes up like every 2nd week :wink:


No, it still let me editing

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I don’t understand this :interrobang:

so I did not vote


Most bans can be too.
Btw i noticed i have an “admired” status. Wtf does it mean??

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You are part of the Elite group.

It used to be the Elite 4: @Ricemech88 @L4K3 @KilliN @Winz_Kay

But now you have received the Admired Badge too! It means you have over 300 posts that received 5 likes.

It’s now the Elite 5


Forum things like

Like I have 9.8k likes

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I will do a complete Revamp of the wiki in the morning. Hopefully you guys have given me a harder job with extra records lol

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I can’t be far away to enter this group :exclamation:

and … 5 likes please for this post to speed it a little up :exclamation:





Not to shabby


Thought this thread was about records and not Flexing your forum likes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the most skilled heat player of reloaded is metre or rovo, can’t decide though

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Difficult to say since inventories differ.
Rovo is doing almost as good as metre with a more limited inventory atm. He is shorter on plates and protectors.

Both are great builders and players (maybe 2 of the very best), but my money is on Rovo here.


@cyanine dammit meng, I added the platinum plate one a few minutes ago but it didn’t save

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Magic aint the record holder on the plates.
Not disclosable though.

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