"Bonus" items are a negative

When I pay real money for a premium pack, there is probably nothing more frustrating than getting a “bonus” powerpack. Powerpacks are a deadslot, if they were an item there was at least an affinity with a like item for a larger amount of power from the boost.

When I see 5 items, 3 of them legendary and 2 of those legendaries were drawn as powerpacks it is frustrating. These stole 2 legendary drops from me, and worse, can’t even be used to transform other legendaries.


When you posted this on the other forum I only saw 1 “Bonus” but now I see 2!

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Yeah :frowning:

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I find it dumb asf that its condidered a “bonus”. The idea of a bonus is you get what you usually woulda gotten, with something more on top of it. That “something more” is called a bonus. Instead they replace what could potentially be good items with trash. They shouldn’t call it “bonus”.


Actually you can. Under some specific circumstances you can.

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They used to be a bonus in he old system where a bonus item appeared sometimes as a power kit when buying a mixed item pack. They were better than usual items in terms of power but never replaced a mythical in the loot table.

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You r exactly right, earlier bonus was when you would get a 3rd card (power kit) from a box that gives only 2 items, now they replace 2 of the cards that were supposed to be items and made it bonus WTH


I dont just mean based on the old version. I mean based on common sense and the definition of “bonus”. I get bonuses at work pretty often I dont get it INSTEAD of my regular pay. That would be a ripoff and a scam (which is what SM devs seem to like to do a lot). I get it in addition to my regular pay.


Under what specific circumstances can you transform a maxed legendary item to mythical using legendary powerkits?

The cuse of the yellow fleshlights

There are no “circumstances”, it’s just like any legendary item, but can’t be equiped or used as fusion power. Trasnform only.