Bluzy starting all over again

Since my old accounts are basically screwed, I’ve decided to not quit, but instead, create a new account. My main comments as a “starter” is that the new update isn’t that bad.

So far I’m having fun actually. (But it’s still hard knowing that you have something that is of complete waste)

This is my current mech, works great!

I got the “Chimaera” torso today. You’ll notice that I’m using a heat mech, with an energy torso. I honestly couldn’t care more, I just use torsos with better stats than my previous torsos.

I have a bunch of awesome weapons waiting to be used once I’ve unlocked my weapon slots. This one however, is the best one yet.

^That’s a top weapon.

Most of my stuff are epic items, so yeah, it’s a genuine newb account.

Why am I doing this? Well obviously because I can’t play with my old accounts. And secondly, to see how things will go for a newbie.

But I’ve seen some problems.

  1. Unlocking Module Slots is exaggeratedly long!
  2. I face a lot of people with full legendary items.

Those two. Though I’m good with point #2, it’s point #1 that is the main problem that has to get attention.

Uh so, this is Bluz starting all over again. You should try it while you’re waiting for some sort of remedy about our, “problem”.

PS. If you are wondering, my level is 16.

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Soldier on bluezy mcbluezerson soldier on . I have same mech at level 106 …

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i still regret to use my “savagery” as upgrade material ._.

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shows a difference in effort then?

If I’m not mistaken they lowered price of fusion?

I was half tempted to do this myself, but seeing on how I’ve already got my avenger torso I’mma just buff that thing to oblivion instead.

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