Bluz's 2nd Introduction ~


Hello There fellow SM or random BD players! :heart_eyes:

Most of you know me that random guy that likes to post in the old forums. (Polarz) But since we’ve move to a different forum, let me just do a quick scope of describing myself in the matter of 10 descriptions.

  1. Lazy
  2. Lazy
  3. Lazy
  4. Handsome
  5. Handsome
  6. Sexy
  7. Loves corgis
  8. Loves food
  9. Smart (just a wanna-be)
  10. Lovely

So yeah, that sums up stuff about me. Now let me talk about myself in SM. First of, my IGN is “3L-UZ: Luxx” :slight_smile: Free to play, 100%. Though one of my generous friends brought me tokens, but not that much. It gave me “Normal” Supporter Status. :sunny:

Right now, I’m leading a clan. “Tactical Riot”. Ranking is bad but it’s new. :grimacing:

Sooo… since I got lazy introducing myself, I’ll end here. Bye~

PS. Luv this new forum :heart:


Each descriptions are actually quite accurate, I’m surprised.


Hey hey,

Glad to see the old peep here.
Btw what happens to others like Bestplayeroftheworld and his rival with whom he used to have flame war and other players from old forum?


I actually haven’t seen a flame war between his “enemies” in a long time… I do miss the flame wars. :confused:


Does bestplayer and all of the others still play? If so, plz tell them to drop by forums sometime, haven’t seen any of them for a long time.


bestplayer isn’t really that active in SM anymore… sadly.


Thebesplayer was really a mysterious shaddy character who I suppose used to boost reds af.
We still don’t exactly who plays. Either was it Michelle or he himself was Michelle or he was female etc.


Hey Polarz, nice to see you here. Welcome and we are loving this influx of users.


you seem like quite the lovely fellow. welcome


alot of the SM players making posts and stuff is encouraging me to try it out


Welcome back Bluz :slight_smile: Nice to see our little corgi back in action <3

And why you go describing me in your intro up there? :smirk: