Blowtorch weapon

This weapon heals your target and exceedingly increases their heat.
Also in some occasions can improve their cooldown greatly as well as energy generators.

Buffs 1000 the target health to target.
Improves target’s cooldown by 25 and energy booster by 34 for the target.
Does 22 damage and 470 heat damage.
All their stats are buffed by 10.

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I Would Be Lucky IF My Opponent Used It And IF I Have More Cooling!

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Exceeding cooldown and improvement to your energy and cooling system sometimes.

…Whoever Does First Will Win…Unbalanced!..

Make a better demonstrator?
Maybe 3k health’s better, I like it when people has higher health.

Heals the target and buffs them by 1k.
Improves their cooldown by 25 and 34 energy improvement to target? That’s what I call a deal.

Your mech must suck to not call +25 cooldown a difference.