Bloodweep stats HELP!

Hi guys, I want to ask if any one of you know the stats of maxxed Bloodweep. This is the following physical side weapon:

I want to know if it is worth the grind. Currently it fits nicely as the substitute for my Night Eagle, which is too weak. BTW, does anyone have the stats of Night Eagle maxxed? Thanks for help in advance!

don’t think its been posted but if you do, add it here

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Night eagle is better. I’m using the maxed out Bloodweep and it is horrible due to how much heat/energy it uses.

Damn, @ReiMuBots, thanks for your response! Can you please quote the stats?
I need the following info:

Resistance drain:
Heat generation:
Energy required:

Thanks in advance, mate!

It’s really really bad due to the fact it uses soo much heat/energy. To be frank, this is not even a competitive weapon. @Mohadib You use this weapon if you want to give yourself a hard time against those Burst Heat/Energy Meta.

If this weapon had no Energy/Heat costs and maybe -15 resist drain. This would be much ON PAR with Night eagle. (Keep in mind this is supposed to be Tier 3 Mythical…) This is one of the weapons I regret even upgrading…

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Remember the Mayhams? Or Electrocop?Or the Enginebreacker? This is it now…feel old yet?
There are a few other like it around, a top eletric wepon similar to the 6barrel electric thingy, that is a tier 2… only it has range 4-8… and weights more then the histerya… and only drains 95… it is just like it… i call them fake myths… they are there so you feel good about getting them, only to realise that they suck.There are a few other out there, i stumbled on them in boxes, only to use them as sacifice legendaries.

Haha! Thank you, thank you thank you @ReiMuBots! At last I know the answer for my puzzle. However, I do not understand why you are so bitter about Bloodweep? Here is comparison:
Damage: Night Eagle: I think it is max 320, not sure about the bottom line. So Bloodweep is soo much better! Nightfall: 412, winner, no question about that! Annihilation: 383, better, BUT it has abysmall bottom line, just 229! So I cannot judge - on a par with Bloodweep.
Resist drain: Night Eagle: NONE! And this is the main problem why I am thinking about this… Bloodweep: 10 is shitt, no questions asked. Nightfall: 15, awesome. Annihilation: 15, awesome
Heat/Energy: Night Eagle: no idea, maxxed legend has 12/12. Nightfall: 23/23, on a par with Bloodweep, Annihilation: 0/0, which is awesome!
Weight: This is where we come to the point! Night eagle: 48 kg So bloodweep is 1 kg lighter! Nightfall: 54 kg, Annihilation: 67 (ugh!). See, I am considering these options (Night Eagle vs Bloodweep), because I desperately need to add the 4th side weapon. Nightfall would be perfect, (2x Annihilation, 2x Nightfall), because currently I tend to lose to strong 2x Nightfall physicals. But I cannot affort 2 Nightfalls due to the weight limit. And Bloodweep comes in handy here, I will spare 1 kg still. Do you have a Maxxed Night Eagle? What are the stats?

Bloodweep-> Die to heat/energy that is fact.

When heat/energy mechs ever get nerfed is where bloodweep will be playing.
This weapon is very useless aside from vs Pys. (How many people actually play Pys?)

Any phis build dies to energy builds.
Corection, they die to the dual ash generator, or dual buldog, or ash generator and buldog.
Because the these energy wepons are simply OP. They outdamage the phis wepons at that range, 1-2, by alot. Only counter to that is health, or just alot of HP.
Easy calculation : I’m using average dmg(low+high)/2.
Ash generator : 212 + 209 drain(can be counted as dmg). total : 423
Bunker shell : 529 + 142 drain total : 671
Buldog : 332 + 67 drain total : 399
Snak : 134 + 48 drain. total : 182
Average dmg per turn : 1004 - 1276
bloodweep: 318 (needs energy)
Nightfall: 326(needs energy)
void: 186(needs energy)
Average dmg per turn : 612(in case you are drained)- 830.
So let’s asume you got on the phis mech 112 regen that means from the average dmg of the energy we deduce 112 dmg: 892 -1164. Further more, on the first turn befor you are drained will deduct 300 dmg.
in simple math we assume the fight takes 3 turns.
That means
First turn:
Energy deals 346 and drains u.
Phis deals: 644
Next 2 turns look like this
Enegy will deal : 1724 - 2328.
Phis will deal : 1224 -1660.
Total dmg
Energy 2070-2674
Phis 1868-2304

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thanks for the warning, I was planning to upgrade a bloodweap for my second mech.

does anyone know the reckless beam stats by any chance?

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For now I’m not in a hurry to build the second mech. I take the time to upgrade modules and accessories.

The fact is that there are still many items that I suppose will appear gradually. So I don´t want to get involved now in raising items that will soon be obsolete. Many of those weapons were garbage in the previous version and will be again on this one.

Then you lose with fusion and you have to start over.

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I Maxed my Legendary BackBreaker, and I regret it D:

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Yesterday we faced an energy and my heat mech. Both with all fused +50 and would say that with very similar weapons.

My heat death punch hit 600. The energy death puch shoot more than 800.

What i used in calculation average dmg (low+high)/2. They all can hit high… or low.
Averaging helps us get the general potential of a weapon…
Ofcourse in some matches you can hit high all the time… and simply stomp over the oponent.
But the calculation is ment to be as a general guideline.
And from it we can deduct the unbalance of the wepons in the game.

Updated Bloodweep stats.

Still very bad. It need -50 or -60 Resist Drain.


I see you guys went for reducing the pys damage but this is detrimental to this weapon…
The way battles are played, this weapon’s minus armor does not reap benefits until 4th or 5th turn. By then the match is over.

Seriously consider giving it back the original damage range AND keeping the -20 resist drain. This weapon is very very very bad now.

This will also be MORE likely to cause heat/energy suicide now… or heck return it back to it’s original 23/23.


excuse me ,i dont want to fight people with 4 bloodweeps . My resistance would go down to -500

you won’t even survive so long :wink: but in my opinion -23 energy and +23 heat isn’t that much… my seraphblade generates 50 heat and consumes 13 energy per attack

See the updated stats. It follows a few posts down.