Blitz/Wipeout pass/card/ticket

Hi guys guess whos back
after big update i left, but 2 weeks ago i get back into the action
to be honest this update make game better but the reset hurt me a lot
with 2 weeks i tested enought the game to like me again but now that the game is better theres something i think could be even better

did you noticed the extra stamina on daily reward? well yes i know is usefull now specially with fortune box and torturing big boy to get it and receive more than 1 epic but, dont u think is boring defeating a level a lot of times just to farm a box with low %?
i think oh this is awful im getting bored, but the reward is great, but i have no time for this

so… why not introduce a ticket that clean inmediately the mision of campain that u choose if you already pass it (i mean only if u already have the star) that way u consume the same stamina and get the rewards pretty easy and at the moment wich mean u can focus more on pvp and having more fun farming and upgrading
of course this would be a great deal to devs because we would receive the same amount of tickets than the actual stamina bonus from login but if someone really wants to farm fast they could be selled on store by tokens like by 2-10 tokens each one and maybe some good offers of a bunch of those
i think is a good idea but what do u think about?

@Sarah247 since im obviously ignored on this, please at least tell me what you think about this