Black paint, just like black mythicals

You know, i kind of like the look of grey divines with a glow, i wanted that. so now am just suggesting that there should be a black paint like the white paint, and also return divines to their original grey.

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you know, i also kind of like have an “advanced” paint wash.- to, you know, wash away the black of natural mythicals and stuff like that

divine should 100% be gray but no i dont think black should be a paint

gray divines are good, i want mine to be gray

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I have always wanted black paint, that would be great!!

This idea makes no sense. The point of having a black item means that you’ve gotten it to max myth. That takes a lot of time and if they just made a cheap black paint, it would undermine the success of these players. It’s the same as making Sabretooth available in packs. The players that have it spent money on it to that wouldn’t be fair to them if everyone could now get it.

Edit 1:
I do believe that all divine items should be given the choice to be turned grey though.

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We never said it had to be cheap. What if it was, say, 400 tokens?

Nobody would buy that. Also the original says, “now am just suggesting that there should be a black paint like the white paint, except cheaper” so that’s exactly what was suggested.

I would buy it if I could.

people buy and paint all there mech mystic my guy and besides people wpuld paint the gray drones black

adding legacy paints is a no go

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see, there is always people who will like it :grin:

honestly, now thinkin’ 'bout it, 400-500 tokens seems just fine, ya know

they need to make yellow paint not booger color and less dark

also orange paint

They need a divine stat for everything, and a option to change the sprite of divine items to how they looked in any of there their forms, EG: Having Iron boots look like there rare lv sprite

@Unkept_Darkness You know what would be awesome that would also tie in with what you suggested? Divine-Tier appearance change for items where items receive a form of total retrofit or makeover, making them appear way more advanced than the forms that came before divinity. If Divine forms were a thing, the rarity sprite selection feature would be a nice feature for those who want to keep their item’s myth form design or those who want to make their mechs look like newborns (all items on a build with designs set to the lowest tier of said items).

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ah, damn it, where is my profile picture
anyway, what you said does seem to fit nicely

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hmm, should make some color changing paint
like from blue to red for energy break or overheat, or something