Black Market Idea


Hello Every one.

How about making in game black market where you can sell your Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary

items for 20% of its Money value only and not upgrade items used and upgrades wont count. also Mythical cant be sold.


1- Common items , you can get 3 using silver boxes for 6500 gold so one is 2166 , 20% of it is 433.2

so lets say common items will be sold for 400 gold

2- Rare items need 2x common(800) +720 Gold (level 1-10 price)+ 10000 Gold = 11520 Gold

20% will be 2304

so lets say rares can be sold for 2000 Gold each

3- Epics needs 3 Rares (6000) + 10314 (1-20) + 25000 Gold = 41314

20% will be 8262.8

so lets say epics can be sold for 8000 Gold in black market.

4- Legendary needs 4 Epics (32000) + 53900 (1-30) +50000 Gold = 135900

20% will be 27180 gold

so lets say legendary will be sold for 30000 gold in the black market.

Mythical cant be sold for money.

how about that ?

I know you loose alot and items used for upgrades is not calculated , but this is better for game balance or the players can be super rich from selling cards if it is made more. and this will help making use of items to get money in case you dont care and need money urgently to upgrade an item.


hmmm i would like to sell my useless items…
but why 20%? i feel it’s a bit low
but sure, lets add a bleck market!


This idea has been going on for the longest time, in different ways. This idea even popped up in the old forum. So, it ain’t gonna happen.


aww MAN!
and here i thought there would be some worth into getting useless items!


But why would you sell your legendary items just use as myth food but great way to get money if you always get lots of items


20% Value so that Tacticsoft Agrees to do it lol.

If you put it higher it will make the company earn less from people who pay and play.

This 20% wont stop the Pay and Play players.


no, just use them as food.
unless you are rank 1, have won the season continuously for 153 weeks, have maxed out everything, and don’t plan to max anything in the future, have low gold, and have a crap ton of crap in your inventory,



yeah but if you have like a ton of epics to spare (like me) but dont have the coins then you could just sell them!


Nope- I could just make a bunch of accounts, use new acheivements to get tokens, buy premium packs- and sell the good drops I get on alternate accounts to myself- rinse and repeat

Trading has been suggested so many times- and been denied so many times for this reason


the black market is more of a sell it to no one and get money, not a trade system
is more of a way to gain money for the useless stuff you may not want or just for coins