Black friday soon


Black friday soon! Are you excited? I hope it will be good. P.S. I know this because i read Dwightx comment. 24th this month Black friday! See ya then! (also i will post my ideas for black friday and post the link in comments)

  • Gotta be great!
  • I guess it will be good…
  • Is going to suck!
  • It won’t be awesome…
  • Sure, whatever…

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dwightx is not a dev or a mod or working for ts. its up to @Sarah247 and the team if we get goodies for such ‘‘holidays’’


I do not expect nothing special for the black friday. Maybe a discount on all boxes. But what we need is an increased chance to get legendary items


special sale or black gate ?


Last year black friday was really amazing. But since the box stuff is totally different it won’t be the same again.


yes it was great before it’s 2 free box and less 50 %? and this year I do not think, black portal can be interesting


A gold box had 5 items with 50%chance to legendary and 50% chance to a myth.


Now players cant get new drone?



Expecting a 30+% discount on boxes. That means I may be able to get 2 premium boxes, which may give me one or two legendaries (cool). So I have about a 1-in-10 chance of getting something useful.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the next unicorn-style mission.


He said that he knows black friday is on the 24th from me…

Also I’m the


The internet has cyber monday sales…not black friday :slight_smile:


There is something that I did not understand, they dropped 20% more at the price of the boxes. or 20% at the droop rate