Black font invisible


i know there will be people that say they can see what those numbers are . the question isn’t whether you can see the numbers or not. the question is whether you have to have you screen at a certain angle to see it and look very closely. this is just disgusting. black font on a dark background. also, does anyone know why some numbers are black while others are white? (please answer without any racist jokes or puns)


because all races need a little lov- oh



Because…(pun intended)
I tried thinking up a reason, No Luck

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i only put this thread into off topic because the only other options were BD or SM. this is a question about the forum. not either of those games. so, plz don’t turn this into an actual off-topic thread.


Good Idea
Lets call in the people
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You only mention 10 people at a time who knew
I just wrote names of the little inactive one’s


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how about we turn this into another last person to post :imp: also kaen i dont need to sit at a certain angle to see it perhaps problem with ur eyesight or something even though its not the easiest to see no need for a certain angle to see it



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Obviously we did it because we hate you all.
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Why you all hate us

If we all started to hate you all then you could imagine what would happen to Tacticsoft :skull_crossbones: and I know you all don’t really hate us :grin:


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