Bigger Maps/Gates edge of worlds


This is an idea you guys could bring back/try out for an event (if you even can).
Worlds used to be bigger in size which meant it was harder to move one place to another but to help with that the world it self had gates on it they would lay on all 4 corners of the map where anyone can use them at any given time. I think having these back in the game could help with how long they the eras take and make them more fast and keep from alliance making farm outpost walls.

If anyone has an image of the World Gates link so the newer players can understand.


Support the cause
Bigger maps But only on busy servers like earth ones.


Earth right now as a whole doesn’t need to be made bigger its more on the end of mars needed a face lift.


To some extent I agree. Bigger maps means more territory to have to control and makes it harder as well as easier for teams to retreat, regroup and recover during a war. It’s why Earth is so competitive. You lost a battle? Fall back and recover. On mars and fantasy, there’s no such thing really as the maps are smaller. But at the same time, that’s interesting in itself at times. The problem mostly comes when the competition is low and the map is simply steamrolled. But I don’t think mars was EVER big enough of a map to stop steamrolls from happening.

We could likely bring an event with this kind of thing, but I don’t think overall we’d see much of a change in gameplay unfortunately.

As for the corner gates… I have to say no. Least not the same as they were before. It allowed for some… complications… (like hiding your army in the gates so no one could kill it). It would definitely change up some tactics and strategy on the map no doubt, but at same time, I found some fundamental flaws in the set up to begin with. It made Russia, Alaska, and Antartica vulnerable, but still allowed Australia and New zealand to be defensive fortresses. And at this point in time, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to attempt to recode that aspect into the game with alterations. That was an OC feature, meaning it no longer exists in NC coding. It would have to be coded into the game as a new feature and that, simply put, isn’t free.

Cost vs value here. Nice little feature that COULD be changed and implemented better, but will it return it’s cost? Honestly, not sure.


Having Mars a bit bigger like fantasy is now may make it to what it used to be. (thinking out loud).

Corner gates changed the game so much, maybe not letting units hide in them but only can stay in them for only a few ticks before they start losing HP?
Just like the farm system used to be where units would lose HP and die off the gates could be like that too.


I do agree to try out bigger maps in general if that can be done. My reasons :

  1. There’s much crowding on .com worlds. Admins can check out the landscape of low population Kong worlds. There is much better visibility and maneuvering space
  2. A bigger world with more spatial clarity can help beginner players focus on the basics and strategy of this game. A beginner quickly crowded out in BD is part of the many reasons why people quit after barely trying the game.
  3. A bigger map would make for a better BD experience in general across all the worlds.


I like how you didn’t make a poll for this. No way of telling how many ppl support or are against your idea. Gg Greeny


Bring back portals. They used to have one connecting Alaska and Russia in the OC