Bigboy Problems

I played BigBoy two times on Hard in a row. I received NO BOXES. NADA. ZILCH. ZERO. Seriously, wtf?
Anyone else got the same problem?

NVM I started getting them again.

Yes thats happened with me too. i got some rare boxes on big boy normal mode. No boxes on hard mode. Insane is not possible for my mech. i got some epic from other bosses but chances is less.
Good luck!

I noticed that out of 10 runs, on insane, one is empty… no box.Today i just finished my 10 runs on insane… witch is a bit harder since the minions are a bit tougher. And got only 9 boxes, and in those just a single epic.Yesterday i got 3 out 10 boxes.
Seems like a downgrade in chances again.