Bigboy no longer gives epics


If you had the illusion of ever getting a legendary element in bigboy … goodbye to your illusions.

Now bigboy does not even give an epic item as until yesterday, now the reward of the mission is 1 box of junk items. I did a hard mission and got 2 common and 1 rare. In the mission insane I got only 2 items, 1 common and 1 rare.

The circle narrows for people to buy tokens. You see they are selling little. Unfortunately the upgrade caused good buyers to leave the game.

And others who are still in the game, but no longer buy. What happened to me yesterday with premium boxes really didn´t make me want to buy more, I was discouraged to buy not get anything good.

Every day the game becomes a bit worse for the players, where is the end of all this? What´s the limit that can be reached?


Confirmed, Wep. This happens to me all the time, which means I no longer give a ufck about grindning this shitty, boring campaign. I guess I just grew tired. And imagine I just posted another vid on my YT channel, Mordulec Square, about costs, fusing, and calculations based on the Big Boy mission with one epic… Wow, just wow, it took Tacticsoft about 5 hours to react to my vid, and they implemented another “experience booster”… I just give up…


i think this is the time to take a break or quit from the game, not just the bigboy reward got worsen but also the premium box, last time i bought 10 premium box and i only got 3 epic the rest is common and rare, the exp from pvp battle also got reduced to half, you know what this mean?, this game is going to be a pay to win game.


I suppose it will end up being like those games that to register you need to put data of your credit card.

Sure, they are expensive games, with much better production. You cannot offer a common product at the price of an expensive product.


Аfter I killed bigboy on the last level of difficulty, I was given a reward in the form of two white and one blue thing, thank you very much, but the desire to play was lost …


THIS IS PATHETIC - Wep you are even lucky getting 2 legs out of 25 box. - there are other posts- i had 1 in batch of 40 (3000 T, first dropped on 23rd) - I was stunned, couldn’t believe – only later i realized how sorry i felt not recording that - and put everywhere on social networks ! BUT now removing any means of getting epic item without paying. Next time pls anyone record youtube video or something…- and put on community. Discouraging factor is the worst ! Only solutions is to massively stop playing game- because progressing now is mathematically impossible - you can’t ever have 'power resources and gold to upgrade enough blue items to reach epic and exponentially 4 for 1 legendary - and all that x 5 and so on… . Tokens are worthless – there should be old premium boxes system at least - 150 T box = 5 epic items with 15% chance for legendary, 220T for 3 items - 1 legendary + 2 epics… or something like that… - i cannot think straight - i still don’t believe in todays change - it must be a BUG !


There is no difference in the reward for the first mission and for the last, why then play …


The good items I got, I got them in the first week after the update. From there on nothing worthwhile.

The matter was greatly aggravated when they began to give 1 single item in the box of 75 tokens and 1 single item in bigboy.

And now it’s even worse. It looks like a punishment.


After conversion i ended with 17 premium boxes - out of them i got 5 legendaries (one drone useful, other 4 bad - only good for transform). Then bought 10 more (while were 150T), which net me 3 more legendaries. BUT ofc as you said, after nerf to 1 epic and 75T – it is impossible. In already bad state of the game - what they did - another nerf - is beyond any reason !


I just finished all normal challenges on my new account to farm epics from bigboy and boom! They removed it -___-


This is super humorous to me; The Campaign just started working on armor games (kinda-still bugged)… I agree with you on buying tokens or spending in general. What can I buy when my account is locked by items… What new items I’ve gotten does not allow for even a decent basic bot… It appears that i’m trapped in a paradox that can not be escaped within the window allotted… I get like 3 days to fix this… ridiculous.The game has a right to market and sell whatever they want… however, in my experience of being a salesperson i would say you have to highlight the value ( which HAS to be a REAL value or benefit) if you expect to sale.I know i never had an issue of selling anything if it was useful. Pricing is also Insanely high on this game… Really too high considering that its more of a pass a few minutes here and there, than a complex story-line with high-end graphics and innovative way to play a game. My point is not to knock the game but to realize… one is more likely able to get me for 5 bucks once or twice a month vs i would never drop more than a 20 on a turn-based game at once. I would be willing to bet most people would be the same way; know your market… The Game Was fun and i enjoyed it… the reload was too much too quick and too pricey… We are not made of money.


I cant wait until the devs add prenium boxes can only be bought by players with ultra supporter status


Mordulec, it would be nice to update your latest video…and as a youtuber - maybe you can contact famous youtuber SSundee, to do another review …now a year later - would be really cool to check if his initial opinon and positve remarks holds still…


Apenas hoy me di cuenta, matando a bigboy en insano, da igual la dificultad solo no da legendarios, ahora tira mierda para reducir la probabilidad, es cutre como destrozan ilusiones, si ya es casi imposible mejorar algo y las cajas premium son una mierda
< Ya solo se puede subsistir comprando oro, para conseguir legendarios con la transformación


Tienes razón amigo mio! :slight_smile:


I never did understand this logic. Clearly they want to slow the progression rate of players by making these items harder to come by… but clearly it’s too late. The big spenders have already… big spent, they’re geared to the nines with legendary/mythic only items such as new death punch and 300+ hp armor.

All this does is obliterate anyone slow to the party from ever catching up.

The only way this removal of epics/legendaries from Big Boy mission would be acceptable is if they put in a item league system that allows players to play, and succeed, in an environment where such items are not an absolute requirement to have.


And worst of all is that the game is stagnant. You build a mech and you have to stick with that, because if you plan on doing another, by recycling some of the items you have, you lose a lot of fusion.

So u ends up always playing with the same thing and that’s boring.


Well you get close to 12% of what you put in… 560k new myth turn to 62k bost points.
So if you want to know a roberry… this is how it looks like.


agreed. I’ve hit a wall with my mech at legendaries…

I was hoping to get materials from bigboy to make more legendaries so I can make a mythical, but nice move, tactisoft…

Now, I’ll be stuck with epics (violet) because you need to have epics to make legendaries…


Seriously folks, this is exceptionally demoralizing. There are those of us that are willing to spend money on this game to help you out, but we just can’t shovel a ton of money in your direction. I’ve tried to be supportive of the changes that you’ve recently made but this has placed many of us in a very difficult position. By nerfing the guaranteed epic given by Big Boy has made it so that many of us can absolutely no longer compete. At some level we had a chance but the whales that have shoveled money into this game are at a level that is just too far ahead for any hope of us not just catching them, but even being reasonable competitive.

Up until this point I’ve been very supportive of the changes that you have made but this makes your money grab, not just blatant, but in the end, entirely futile. If this is a way of you winding down the game, you could have just stopped supporting it and left us to enjoy ourselves for a little while longer.