Bigboy chest rewards


Apart from the Gold and EXP rewards being broken, as mentioned in [this] ( post, As of mid day today, the chest at the end of Overlord’s Den 8 is now dropping Common and Rare items as opposed to the usual Epic and with very low rate, Legendary.

I do strongly hope that this is a bug which will be fixed with a matter of urgency, as if it is not and it is intended, then this is a major blow to anyone who wishes to play without buying tokens.

Before this, Overlord’s Den 8 was the only way that one could gather items that come exclusively from Premium boxes. Items which are mandatory of any type of competitive or otherwise gameplay. Without said items, one would not be able to devise decent builds to progress throughout the game.

Could this please be acknowledged and addressed as soon as possible?


@Sarah247 @Mohadib


Аfter I killed bigboy on the last level of difficulty, I was given a reward in the form of two white and one blue thing, thank you very much, but the desire to play was lost …


how can they do this to us this is ridiculous


They would prefer you to spend money

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Guess what I bet the 75 token premium box you buy is just as bad as the BigBoy box as it says
"Chance to Win Epic/Legendary"
so it’s gone back to the original format that they had from day 1 of the game change.
Even during this short time when it was mainly EPIC items in the premium box I only got a couple legendary items out of thousands of tokens.

So change it to You MAY HAVE A CHANCE IN HELL of getting Legendary…

With each day is another slap in the face.


I hope it’s a bug… I mean, bigboy level is hard work… and getting common items is a slap to the face and a kick in the nuts.


if our complaints are not answered by them, maybe it’s time we tagged @GOD maybe HE can grant our request

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Break out the 50 gallon tank of RAID bug spray and spray everything maybe we’ll have a chance. :smiling_imp:


Yes, they are very bad. I opened 25 boxes of 75 tokens and only got 2 legendary ones. Of the 2 legendary one of them only serves for fusion, because it does not improve at mythical.


That’s sickening but I’m not surprised. They want us to spend lots of tokens all over again just in the hopes of finding a good group of usable items.
Plus limit the hell out of us on inventory storage for 3 bots.

I’m really getting fed up with all of it…


4% odds on mythicals lol

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