Big Thank you... and some apologies

Greetings, Pilots!
The voting for video contest is now closed, so I would like to express the words of gratitude for those of you, who voted on my teaser. Yes, it was a teaser. ONLY a TEASER. I owe you an apology. My plan was to feature a full Mechboy story, but because of the conflict with TS just at the start of December and the resulting ban on my forum account, I decided to suspend any forum and YT activities… But this decision meant all my subscribers and those who voted on me were left with nothing. And for this, I am terribly sorry. Accept my apologies. To make up for the lost experience, I promise I will produce the Mechboy story in due time. For now, thank you once again and see you in the arena!


I am excited to see the Mechboy story! :slight_smile:


Please don’t make a happy ending…, not all movies have to end happy

Yes… just give me a happy ending instead.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Sock thieving creepo