Big noob need big help :(

I have been grinding alot during the limited time until the inventory limit thingy kicks in and after fused 432 of my junk legacies , i manage to create these :slight_smile:

Tho im still far away from having my inventory being fully cleaned for the inventory limit to kick in
as i advance , i receive more junkies from this 2.0 update , tho 65% of the last update’s junkies are gone


I need an amount of gold to fuse all these junkies into the mechs to clean up my inventory for the big inventory limit , i would be really appreciate if you are generous enough to donate me some tokens to get rid of these junkies
My ID :14740409


Spoiler: It’s not possible to send tokens through SM anymore. :slight_smile:

(BD might still work for sending tokens, but I’m not sure, I don’t play BD anymore)

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Really ? thats sad…seems like im stuck with these mechs for all eternity then

You can still earn gold to use for fusion. So you can free up some space.

You can use the legacy converter.
Have you tried?


I did use the legacy converter , but the junkies are mainly from this update’s junks , not the legacies

I’m facing a similar problem, but with power kits. I have 180 right now. My inventory is at 240. Anyone else want the devs to just not count power kits as inventory spaces???

I’m literally stuck! 700 items left after using the Legacy converter, and 2k coins and all items on my current mech maxedlegends . Don’t know what I’m supposedto do! Cant get more items to convert the legend to myths, and can’t fusemore. Items because so low on coins xD I guess I’ll be saying bye to the game cuz it’s damn boring now, needing to grind hard-core just to get some coins

legacy converter does not really free up space and it still costs to fuse kits.

The legacy converter made more inventory kits… that did not really help. :slight_smile:

Plus you need gold to upgrade… so if you don’t have gold, nor not have items to upgrade to (say all items are at max legendary), then you are stuck.