Big Daddy stats?


I recently came across a player who owns a legendary Crazed Repeater. I don’t know what it’s actual name is, but if anyone has the stats please post it here.

It would be very much appreciated.


It’s named big daddy idk the stats tho


BIGDADDY ---------------- (53), 1-2 Range, 202-265 ElDmg, 95 EnDmg, (47/16 Cost)

That’s max myth though but now you know what to expect.


Thanks. :slight_smile:


There is also a heat version of it… as myth… dont know the name…


(just incase, this is from the maxed thread, I fused mine of it lmao).

This ugly thing?


yup ^^


Yep… damm that thing is heavy … and energy dependant.
Maybe it works with terrorblade ot grimsome…


Heavy, Energy dependent, ok-ish damage, hard to really consider using it on any build. Maybe a high energy heater for those fools that get close. But eh, not into it. Fused mine away the moment I got it.


Me too.
L-M myth food is the tastiest.
Too bad it hits the stomach pretty hard,if you know what I mean…