Big boy's box drop is nerfed to even worse

spent 120 tokens on my free day to start grinding on BB , always remember to reset my browser because of your rank dropped to 25 duel to a bug , but still , after 120 tokens worth of fuel is wasted , only 3 mix boxes , now having a mix box drop is RARE , dont evne think about getting a fortune box now in big boy , not just the drop rate is nerfed , the rank bug is also a reason why you keep getting low drop rates of mix boxes and HP repair packs , the game is now GREAT dont you think ?

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move your farming spot to mission 6

Full thread vvv

Game now is ‘‘great’’. They nerfed EVERYTHING in new update, so after 50+ runs on Ramboy I got only 2 epic, also no fortune box for 50+ runs.

the missions also nerfed
more precisely - the drop boxes

that missions on insane has a droprate of 9/10 boxes

Just now three insane rounds in a row without boxes. the last mission before BB. after that I went to the forum to learn the news.

check the post thread i posted above ^^^

It’s today nerf else.

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sometimes you can be unlucky

not more than others. Just not everyone knows about it.


torture the ramboy
but he will hate you

I get a fortune box on ramboy probably 1 out of 10 times. I got like 7 today.

to get very good things you have to farmear in ultra difficult there will give legendary good just give you 2 or 3

I rarely go to Bigboy for items anymore. Maybe for the gold.

Ramboy has more guaranteed box drops, though weaker.

Unfair BB to play, he have epic things and mythical rollers… and top weapon… and drone is mythical, it`s bad.