Big boy is already here


The big boy map section is now open!
It is a great day to die several times :rofl:


He’s not as good as he looks… he’s a pile of shit…


3K health says otherwise


We need a new line of him.

Whu derus tu enter mah tuwer?Pepare tu beh extruminate


Whu derus tu enter mah tuwer?Pepare tu beh extruminate
lmao nice one


This thread is not about the 1vs1 campaign but about the 2vs2 campaign.


did somebody done it on hard?
what kind of mechs are there?heat?phys?energy?


All finished …




Good doggy catch bone :exclamation: :meat_on_bone:

Don’t dare to response.


Psssttt… @Meriaton… I responded… Also, no offence… but ’Doggy’
just correcting an error you made in your sentence there, so please don’t flag I just wanted to help you out


I don’t think ‘Remnants of the Sky’ means what they intended it to mean…
So are the mechs in 2v2 made from… sky…


NOOooo it was to besty, but it was buged once more, when you reply to someones
post when it is last post.

She always want medal for something.

I wanted be different…

Xd while editing it’s told it’s reply to her, but on forum it looks like general reply :frowning:
Yup i said it too for joke, cuz she never responds :smiley:


All I did was respond as a joke, since you said for no one to reply, and correct your spelling of doggy


No, actually, your explanation would only make sense if it was “Remnants of the sky” However, this is “Remnants from the sky”, implying that the mechs are what is left over from the main, coming from the sky (invading from space)